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01 Sep 2015

The Long Ride and the Big Purchase, and a Boost to my Collection!

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Okay, maybe to some of you this is not a big purchase, but the biggest purchase I have yet made solely for my collection; and maybe this should be a collection, not a blog, but I have more than new coins!

The coin store I go to is ten miles north of our house. Jersey Coin Showcase, the coin store, is towards the end of the Henry Hudson Bike Trail, and our house is less than two miles away from the very beginning of it. I had wanted to bike to the coin store, as I wanted to go somewhere on my bike, and I thought that I could also try to beat the record of the distance biked on one day. To go to the coin store I had to climb the hill on our road, head straight, go down a steep hill through a golf course, pass Route 36, and go 8 miles on the Henry Hudson Bike Trail, then turn off of it, and go another mile, cross Route 36 again, and there I am.

I decided to go, and, taking my mom's phone, I went. First of all, I was not going to give the coin store 37 of my $1 bills, so I went into the bank with my money, which was about 2-3 miles of riding, and went in. Finally, I came out with 2 Quarters, 2 $10 bills, and a $100 bill (my first ever!). Next, I went along Route 36 for a little bit, before crossing it and getting on the Henry Hudson Bike Trail. I kept biking, and biking, and biking, and biking. I started to worry whether I had passed my road, when I saw a busier looking street ahead! As I came up to it, however, it proved to be the wrong road. I kept going, and the situation repeated itself several times, when I began to doubt whether I was on the right trail or not, as I did not recognize where I was. I began to worry, but the very next road was the road I wanted! I continued on the roads for another mile, and arrived shortly.

I then took a look and the silver dime bin. Last time I looked, I searched all 3000 coins, and found a barber! I searched a few of the now 5000 or so, and found 4 barbers! I then took a look at the silver quarter bin, and was only searching for Pre-Washington quarters. Last time I went I only found one dateless standing liberty. This time I found several standing liberties, including a 1928 and 1930-S. I took the 1930-S for my type set, as I did not have the type of 1925-1930. I also found 6 barbers, one of which I tossed back. I finally looked at about 100 of the 1500 or so halves, and found a VF 1937, a G 1917, and an AG 1892 Barber.

I also bought a Mercury Dime folder, older-style Liberty and Jefferson Nickel albums for $2.00 each. (Both used, V Nickel one used heavily), 100 Quarter 2x2's and 100 Half Dollar 2x2's.

So the things that I purchased are as follows:
4 Barber Dimes at $1.31 ea.
16 Mercury Dimes at $1.31 ea.
1 Silver Roosevelt Dime at $1.31
5 Barber Quarters at $3.27 ea
3 Standing Liberty Quarters at $3.27 ea
1 Barber Half Dollar at $6.61
2 Walking Liberty Half Dollars $6.61 ea.
2 Old-Fashioned Whitman Albums at $2.00 ea.
1 Mercury Dime Folder at $4.00
100 Quarter/Nickel 2x2's for $4.00
100 Half Dollar 2x2's for $4.00            
32 Coins and 203 Supplies for $89.03

The total came out to $89.03, the most I ever paid for my own collection (over double the previous record of $44.17)

The ride home was quicker, but the final two miles were painful. The 21.6 Mile ride beat my record of 14.3.

The camera battery charger was found, so I am hoping to have pictures up within a couple of weeks.



Level 7

That is what I call determination. A die hard collector who knows what he wants. Good for you and you got some great coins. Keep it up great story. I wish I had your determination.

Sounds like you got a great deal. Thanks for sharing your story


Level 5

Congrats on ur excercise. the most I hav spent was a little over $110 at a coin, BUT, it was with the help of selling 4 coin for $77 that I got from my grandpa but didnt want


Level 5

nice story.


Level 5

What a great adventure, great deal and a great day for you. Congratulations!


Level 5

Good story and nice additions.


Level 6

Wow! What a story! : )


Level 5

Nice story! Very cool.

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