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02 Jul 2015

The Story of a 1939 Nickel

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It was another Wednesday, but it was special for me, as it was time to get my weekly $100 box of nickels. So far, I had found a few war nickels, a few buffalo nickels, several 1939 nickels, and even a 1903 V Nickel. This time a buffalo nickel, 2 1939's, a 1938, and 2 war nickels.

I always dreamed of finding a 1939-D, 1950-D, or 1939 doubled MONTICELLO and FIVE CENTS. Little did I know was that I had missed that one of the 1939's was a Doubled Die Reverse.

It was another Wednesday, a full year later, and we had some friends over. They were interested in metal detecting, so I went, and came back with several relics, including a silver buckle. I showed it to Ian, my friend, and then when back, I showed it to his mother, who said that I needed a loupe. On Sunday, she gave me one, and then I looked at my 20 1939 Jefferson Nickels. I had looked at 12 or so, when I saw a bold FIVE CENTS and a doubled TICELLO from MONTICELLO. "I FOUND ONE!!!!!!!"

I kept it for two months, when I listed it one eBay. I put it for $28.00 with a best offer. I listed it, and then listed another item. When I was looking over my listings, I had an offer for $20.00 in 20 minutes! After much consideration, I accepted it. I "paid" $0.05 and sold it for $20.00! After fees, my total gain turned out to $15.41, or 13,820% return!



Level 5

I wish I had a loupe! what magnification was it? I am looking for one under $50 with shipping costs if needed


Level 5

Great story!!! Good luck with future searching!


Level 5

Fun story. Keep posting them. How a bout a picture?


Level 5

I have already sold it, and the pictures I have are too large to post here on ANA. When I downsized the pictures on the camera, it was very, very hard to get even slight doubling visible.

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