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11 Feb 2015

Three Badges That No One Has.

Exonumia | CMCC

I enjoy looking at badges and trying to get a certain one. Currently, it is the Black Diamond Badge, which requires 5 blogs that contain the tag 'Buffalo Nickel,' I want this for three reasons:

1. It is a reasonable challenge
2. I really like the look of the badge
3. No one has it, and I want to be the first one!

There are three badges that no one has, two of them are because of problems on the website:

The first badge is the 1913 Liberty Nickel, which requires you to (1) create 5 blogs that contain the tag '1913 Nickel', (2) create five forum threads, and (3) post five messages in the forums. There is a problem with this badge, making it impossible to earn: You cannot add the tag '1913 Nickel.' When you try to add it, it just disappears, and then you cannot use it. You can use the 'Liberty Nickel' tag but not the '1913 nickel' badge.

The second badge is the Black Diamond Badge, and it requires you to create 5 blogs with the tag, 'Buffalo Nickel.' This badge is hopefully possible to get, I will have to see when I get a fifth blog about Buffalo Nickels up. If it has the same problem as the winner badge. I really want this badge, but I don't all my blogs to be about Buffalo Nickels, so I do one here and there.

The last but not least is the Winner Badge, this one requires you to earn 10 badges. I have earned 11, but I have not earned it. Like the 1913 Liberty Nickel Badge, something is wrong on the website that does not allow you to win it.

For now, I am content getting badges that are possible to get, even though I would like the 1913 Liberty Nickel Badge.

But there still are three. No one has the club badge!!!



Level 5

I have made 5 posts using tags for buffalo nickels yet I have not earned this badge :(


Level 5

Are they all blogs (and did you make sure they were completely posted (I make that error!)?


Level 6

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You got the Black Diamond Badge! I'm so proud of you! That's the one that I want too! : )


Level 5

Then I think I know who the second winner will be! Also, now you know that it is possible!


Level 5

I've been trying, and now I've earned the Black Diamond badge! It is possible! I am the only one with it (so far!), I hope that now others will see that it is possible, only difficult, and will try themselves!


Level 6

Like everyone is saying. Just try!!! What do you have to loose. You will guaranteed to learn some things while researching for your post. Your smart. DO IT!!!.

just try.


Level 4

Just try, I know I did. Try on 1913 liberty Nickels and Buffalo Nickels.

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