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06 Mar 2015

Top US Coin Sellers on eBay

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I am thinking of making a few blogs about eBay, and this one is going to start it off with some of the top sellers on eBay.

I recommend sellers with 99.5% plus positive feedback, and have good descriptions AND pictures.
All information is as of 5:15 PM on 3/6/2015

Vette1986 has a feedback score of 335,732, with a red shooting star, he has 100% positive feedback even though he has 13 negatives and 30 neutrals, because of his 73,424 positive feedbacks. He has 0 Buy it Now's and 1,975 Auctions. EVERY item starts at $0.99 at seven days. He has 2,842 followers. Vette1986 has Large cents, Barber dimes (and a lot of them), and plenty of Morgan dollars. I recommend Vette1986 to those who have a lower budget.

Thecuriouscabinetcoins has a feedback score of 10,166, with a new yellow shooting star, he has 99.9% positive feedback. He has a majority of coins, and a majority of prices. I recommend those who have a large budget or a small budget, and to those that collect anything.

Suncoins_liquidation has a score of 22,721. SILVER COLLECTORS, HERE IS A GREAT SILVER SELLER!!! He has 100% positive feedback. All his items are buy it now. His silver items range from $194 for 8 troy ounces to $1883 for 80 ounces (5 troy pounds). I would not recommend Suncoins_liquidations to people with small budgets.

Rarecoinwholesalersca has over 1,000 EXTREMELY expensive coins. Very few of us can afford the cheapest of these coins. The cheapest coins are $2,200 and he had the most expensive coin on the whole of eBay at $4,100,000, an Ultra High Relief Double Eagle. He has a score of 283, a light blue star. He doesn't even have a neutral. To those who can afford hours coins, I would recommend him.

Qualityuscoins has a score of 27,469, and has 99.9% positive feedback. MORGAN DOLLAR COLLECTORS, HERE IS A WIDE SELECTION!!!

Is there anyone here who likes the super-inflation Zimbabwe bills? Jds*coins*n*stuff is your person! He has a score of 9924 and doesn't have so much as a neutral! He used to sell coins, but now he only sells Zimbabwe bills. 'JD' has a YouTube channel called Jds Variety Channel (trust me, over 90% of his 300+++ videos are metal detecting, 6.5% are etc. coins, and 3.5 % aren't coins!)

Greatsoutherncoin has a score of 127,845, with a read shooting star. He has 99.9% positive feedback, he has both buy it now's and Auctions, most starting at $9.95.

An Uncriculated V Nickel under $100? A BU 1950-D Nickel for only $13? An AG 1864 L Indian for only $17? Brilliant Uncirculated Quarters for under $15? Foxyoffers has these prices! He has a score of 13,212, with 99.9% positive feedback. No Auctions, but prices that few auctions beat. I love this seller.

Fairviewcoins has the reddest coins in the world. Check him out!

Fairtraderz has a variety of coins for your collection. With a score of 84,366, 99.9% positive feedback, and 7,068 items for sale, I highly recommend Fairtraderz.

Auctions for great coins! Just check EJ81 out! He doesn't have as many items for sale, but he does have great items for AUCTION! I have bought from him with better-than-best results, so I highly recommend him.

Davidlawrence_auctions is for medium to high budget collectors. With 4,476 items, the cheapest is $20 and the most expensive is $77,500. He has a score of 24,013 and 99.9% positive feedback.

Coinsandpaper, like EJ81, doesn't have so many items, but also like EJ81, his few items are great. Cull coins that are perfect for collections. Like holed three-cents and half-dimes, worn draped bust cents in lots, etc. Coinsandpaper has a score of 5,405, with 2,052 positives in the past year, and not even ONE negative or neutral!

Last of all Beegbear is great for modern coins. He has 3,185 items but only 1,105 are us coins. He is in my mind both a 'Bulk Seller' and a 'Slow Seller.' He is a bulk seller because he has plenty of coins in the same item (buy 1 or buy 100), he is a slow seller because he does not ship for 5 business days. I have bought a proof nickel from this seller, when his feedback was only 99.2% positive! It is now improving and is up to 99.5%, and it should be 99.8% or 99.9% in 6 months.

I hope you find some great items from these people.

To look up these people, follow these steps:

Go to pages.ebay.com/services/forum/feedback-login.html This will take you to the 'Find Feedback page'

Next, type in one of the sellers' User ID (ex. vette1986) and press 'Enter'

This will show you the sellers feedback, to see his items, click 'View items for sale' on the right of the screen.

Next, find the item you want to buy!



Level 7

Well if it continues till 2017 EBay has become well I can't say it. Counterfeit coins more complaints than ever. Buyers getting taken in auctions. Yes they figured how to do that now. I only buy slabed coins.


Level 5

great blog and thanks for info


Level 6

I sell on eBay and it can be a great place to purchase numismatic item including coins. Just keep one thin in mind. Every transaction is different.! Also, you can't make everyone happy!!!!This is from someone with 5318 positive feedback and 100% feedback with a Green Star. Go into every transaction with your eyes open and do your homework. Check the return policy. Paying with PayPal guards you even better, if there is a problem. Ebay, especially selling , can be fun but it is a LOT of work! Thanks for your incites CMCC!


Level 5

Thanks, this is actually exactly what I was looking for. I am on eBay now.


Level 4



Level 5

If you are curious to see my profile, my User ID is cmccs*coins (same as is here).

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