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08 Aug 2015

Unexpected Metal Detecting Finds!!!

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Note: I am still looking for that camera charger!!!

There is a park near us that we like to go to, as it is pleasant, has a variety of things to do: there are Tennis Courts, Basketball courts, a field to practice baseball, soccer, or any other sport, a gazebo, a beach, a large playground, and plenty of areas to metal detect!!! Of course, you only find modern clad coins, with a wheat penny here and there, with the oldest being a 1938 Wheat Cent. I enjoyed finding the clad, finding money for my Garrett AT Pro (it will be a while), and working my way up to checkpoints (next one is 1000 coins, currently at 738). My friends John and Nick live up in Connecticut, but visit during summer, and Nick likes to metal detect, so he got a Bounty Hunter detector for Christmas, and a Garrett Pin Pointer for his birthday (a couple weeks ago). Unfortunately, the Bounty Hunter's are pretty cheap, his being a better one, which is equal to my ACE-150 I had, and it cost a mere $140.00.

We had gone to this park once before, and Nick found 13 coins, totaling $1.46, and I found 32 coins, totaling $1.69 (He was quarter collector and I was the official penny excavator). We then went again, and we found several coins, but I could not stop finding zinc pennies, which get chewed up and can't be spent. Finally, we decided to try the beach, with which I found only a few coins. However, I shortly had a quarter signal, and out popped some kind of iron-looking junk! I checked it with the pin-pointer, to find out that it was not metal! I then checked the whole again, and then out slid the rim of a white quarter! If fell on the side, and I saw an eagle flying with stars under it, and I flipped it over to see a Standing Liberty Quarter!!! I checked the date and mintmark which was San Francisco, and the 3rd digit appeared to be a 3. I later found it to be a 1930-S in AG-3+ to G-4 condition.

Seeing my find, Nick had to try the beach too. A few minutes later, he called me and said, "It is a coin, it says 'One Dime,' but I don't know what it is." I was thinking a foriegn coin, when I saw the obverse of a barber dime! The date was 1901, and the mintmark was an 'O'. A 1901-O in G-4 Condition (Tarnished). I have found only two barber dimes ever: 1916 in December 2013, and 1914 in September 2014, and he found an old 1901 at a rare New Orleans mint as his third silver coin ever, in only three months of metal detecting!!! (His other two were a 1944-P Nickel and 1919 Mercury Dime.)

I hope this story is encouraging to other detectorists. It goes to show you, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL FIND!!!



Level 5

Are you sure you are aloud to metal detect there? lol


Level 5

good finds.


Level 4



Level 6

I love to hear your metal detecting stories and of all the treasures you find. Sounds like so much fun!


Level 5

Sometimes, like that hunt, it is fun. Sometimes, it isn't. I have done two hours without a single find except for trash. But again, you never know what you'll find!



Level 5

Great blog. Keep up the search!

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