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05 Feb 2015

Wheat Cent Hoard and the Fate that a Few Met!!!

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Last summer, someone gave me a hoard of wheat cents that his father collected during WWII. I was already beyond amazement, and, when I examined the jar, I immediately saw a few BU wheat cents, several from the teens and twenties, and a Canadian Cent with Geroge V, and a token or foreign coin or something.

When down at our house, we noticed one major problem: The jar had no opening place!
Sadly, we had to break the antique jar to get into the coins.

I took out a bin for teens, twenties, thirties, 1940-1943, 1944-1949, and the fifties.

The first coin I pulled out was an XF 1937, so I new that this was a good batch. After an hour of searching, I had filled two rolls of thirties coins, 70 twenties coins, and about 30 from the teens. It was lunchtime, so I gobbled my lunch up and raced back upstairs to look at more. I pulled out a George VI canadian cent dated 1945 and George V cents dated 1920 and 1929. I pulled out a BU 1938, an XF 1929, a 50% silver british sixpence, a VF 1911, a F 1909 (No V.D.B. unfortunately), and a rarer date 1932, also I found 2 Unc./BU 1943 Steel cents, along with 35 others.

My date set of wheat cents probably doubled in size and in grade!

But then, a nasty fate awaited about 60 of them.

I put up a lot of 805 Wheat Cents for sale, but miscounted them as 693, and, wanting to sell them at $0.10 apiece, I put it at only $69.30 instead of $80.50. Someone contacted me on this error, I let him buy it, he bought it, I shipped it, and I was very glad that it was over with.

However, it was not over with. A few days later, I got a case opened by him, he said that the box had been damaged and that some of the 1930's cents, about 60 of them, were missing. I was suspicious about it, because he was more interested in the 1930's than anything else. I said I would refund $6.30, but he said that he would leave positive feedback if I gave him $8.00. I have not been buying and selling for long, so a negative would really harm me, and bring me to like 97% feedback (which is horrible), so I refunded him, and he left feedback, and it was over with.

This time it was over with!!!

Pictured are some of my best finds from the lot: F 1909, VF 1911, XF 1929, BU 1938, Gem BU 1941, BU 1941 and 1943, XF 1933 Canadian, and BU 1948 1 Franc (France)



Level 7

I heard about a lot of things going on at eBay. I don't sell I just buy. To much work on top of collecting. It does sound like a shakedown. Sorry about that. Things will get better nice find.


Level 5

You must have some great friends for them to give you a jar of those wheats!


Level 6

Interesting story! I sell on ebay too and it's always in the back of your mind about negative feedback, especially if you are a good seller.


Level 5

Especially if you are a small seller, like me. I only have a score of 200, and 43 feedbacks in the past year, so a negative would bring me down to under 98%.


Level 4

Thank you I collect wheat pennys. Thank you for the info.


Level 6

Sounds like a shake down to me. I've sold a lot on eBay in the past. Don't let that guy get you down. You can't make everyone happy. Some people are down right crazy. I've had people that were still unhappy with a refund and being able to keep the product. What else can one do?? Enjoy your coins and try again. You do have to be carefull with any detail you list. Some people spend their time looking for erroers! I'm looking forward to you pictures!


Level 5

I found one great error: A lamination error on a VF 1936-D, which is a better date!


Level 5

Hmm, that is odd. Great finds, though!


Level 5

Thank you!

Sorry to hear about your situation on ebay. I do not sell coins on ebay but do have an ebay PEZ store. Fortunately, I have had no problems in the past year and a half. I do worry about negatives so my dad and I package the dispensers well and ship them within 24 hours. Good luck on your future sales! Kenny

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