Morgan Dollars!

09 Apr 2015

I have already had 5 morgan dollars accumulating in my collection. In one of the Numismatist magazines, it mentioned how silver dollars just continually pile up in one's collection, and I have found it to be true!

January 28th 2014: As a late birthday present, a close friend gave me a bright, shiny, glistening 1885-O Morgan. As it was my first silver dollar in my collection, I was so excited for my first silver dollar, and that is was an old Morgan, that I didn't even look at the reverse until I was asked, "Is that 'O' in the back the mintmark?" I checked, and sure enough, it was an 1885-O. I am no professional grader, but I believe it to be an AU-58.

January 13th 2015: As a late Christmas present, someone else gave me one of her Morgans, an AG-3 1896-O. This one is by far the lowest grade, but it is also the rarest by about 3,000,000.
Same day: A couple of hours later, my birthday package arrived, and in it was an AU-50 1902 Morgan.

January 15th 2015: As a birthday present, the same person who gave me the AU-58 1885-O gave me a VF-30 1884-O, although cleaned. This is my oldest Morgan, but it is my least favorite, being polished.

April 7th 2015: As a Resurrection Sunday present, our grandparents sent us another package, and out popped an XF-40 1886 with interesting toning on the reverse. This is my most common, but I like the toning.

Altogether, I have 5 of them, and their total values are around $190.00.

(Above is the original, as of June 2015, I have received a VF/XF 1880-O Morgan, worth $39 or so. So now I own 6 Morgan Dollars and they value about $230.00)



Level 5

I have accumulated a few Morgan's myself over the years. They are nice big silver coins and I enjoy them. Until silver goes way up again ! Then off they go for sale !! I can dream of riches !


Level 5

Great coins!


Level 7

I know it's hard to believe but I'm not a big fan of Morgan's. There seems t o be so many of these there isn't a company or dealer that don't sell them. Maybe if there we fewer I would.


Level 1

Wonderful collection! Morgans are my favorite!


Level 4

wow! I only have one


Level 5

Just wait, they will begin to pile up sooner or later. I never bought one or even had let anyone know that I wanted one, and now I have seven Morgans and one Peace Dollar.


Level 4

Nice collection you got.


Level 5

A fun set to complete.


Level 5

(Anyway, I would like four complete, or nearly complete nickel sets!)


Level 5

But an expensive one! I don't aim to try to get every date for years, maybe decades!


Level 6

Nice collection! Love those Morgans!



Level 5

Nice! check to some VAMs.

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