My Type Set

15 Oct 2016

I will add pictures eventually! I forgot to make the pictures a smaller size and can't import them!

I have been working on building a type set since the beginning of last year. An experienced collector may not be impressed yet, but there are a few specimens that I am proud of. Some coins are popular beauties and others have quite a story behind them in either history or how I came to acquire them.

I also have been working on upgrading coins to NGC or PCGS slabs, and I am up to 13 (I think). Those are as follows:
1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cent NGC MS-64 BN, interesting diagonal streaks. One of the newest coins for my type set.
1883 No Cents Liberty Nickel, PCGS MS-63, common coin, but a beautiful edition to my collection. The other new coin.
1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel, NGC MS-64, beautiful strong strike. The highest price I have paid for any coin in my collection.
1938-D Jefferson Nickel, PCGS MS-64
1943-D Jefferson War Nickel, PCGS MS-65+ FS
1941-S Mercury Dime, NGC MS-66, almost FB
1948-D Silver Roosevelt Dime, PCGS MS-66 FB
1983-S Clad Roosevelt Dime, PCGS PR-69 (Only $1.00, why not?)
1962 Silver Washington Quarter, PCGS PR-69
1963 Franklin Half Dollar, PCGS PR-65
2000-S Sacagawea Dollar, NGC PR-69 (Bargain Bin)
2007-S George Washington Dollar, NGC PR-70 (My only "perfect" coin)
2009-S Native American Dollar, NGC PR-69 (Only two times face value!)

That actually does come out to 13. My unslabbed specimens include:
Large Cents:
1810 Classic Head AG-3
1833 Coronet Head G-4
1838 Modified Matron Head G-4
1840 Braided Hair, Small Head, F-12
1849 Braided Hair, Large Head, VF-20

Small Cents:
1857 Flying Eagle, VG-8
1859 Laurel Wreath Indian Head, G-4
1862 Copper Nickel Indian Head, G-4
1896 Bronze Indian Head, XF-40
1941 Lincoln Wheat, Uncirculated
1943 Lincoln Wheat Steel, Brilliant Uncirculated
1959 Bronze Memorial Cent, Gem Proof
2002-S Zinc Memorial Cent, Gem Proof
Two-Cents thru Halves:
1865 Two-Cent Piece, G-4
1852 Trime, F-12
1881 Nickel Three Cent, VF-20
1843 Half Dime, F-12 (Metal Detected)
1858 Seated Liberty Dime, G-4
1916 Barber Dime, AU-50 (Metal Detected)
1865 Seated Liberty Quarter, F-12 (Key Date, Metal Detected by my 10-year-old brother)
1853 Arrows and Rays Quarter, F-12
1877 Seated Liberty Quarter, with Motto F-12 (Metal Detected)
1917 Standing Liberty Quarter, FR-2
1920 Standing Liberty Quarter, F-15
1926 Standing Liberty Quarter, F-12
1935 Washington Quarter, BU
1984-S Clad Washington Quarter, Proof
Silver Clad Bicenntennial Quarter, Proof
1860-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar, FR-2
1908 Barber Half Dollar, VG-8
1944-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar, AU-50
1964-D 90% Kennedy, Unc.
1967 40% Kennedy, VF
Bicenntennial Kennedy, Unc.
2005-D Kennedy Half Dollar, Gem BU
1883-O Morgan Dollar, BU
1922 Peace Dollar, BU
1974 Ike Dollar, BU
Clad Bicenntennial Ike Dollar, Proof
1981-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar, Unc.

Slabbed Specimens Include:
1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cent, PCGS MS-64 BN
1883 No Cents Liberty Nickel, PCGS MS-63
1913 Ty. 1 Buffalo Nickel, NGC MS-64
1938-D Jefferson Nickel, PCGS MS-64
1943-D Jefferson Nickel, PCGS MS-65 FS
1941-S Mercury Dime, NGC MS-66
1948-D Roosevelt Dime, PCGS MS-66
1983-S Roosevelt Dime, PCGS PR-69 DCAM
1962 Washington Quarter, PCGS PR-69
2010-S White Mountain Quarter, PCGS PR-69 DCAM
1962 Franklin Half Dollar, PCGS PR-65
2000-S Sacagawea Dollar, NGC PR-69 DCAM
2009-S Native American Dollar, NGC PR-69 DCAM
2007-S Washington Presidential Dollar, NGC PR-70 DCAM

I hope to get more slabbed specimens as well as higher grade specimens, and I will try to get some pictures up!



Level 5

now that is coin collecting and quite an accomplishment. keep up the good work.


Level 4

Those are some great coins can't wait to see pictures


Level 5

That is a lot of awesome coins!


Level 5

That is a sweet collection of coins. Thanks for sharing. Later!


Level 5

You're doing great! If I was a big time collector I would still be impressed


Level 6

Wow! You are doing a great job!


Level 6

That is 1 nice type set.


Level 5

good job. keep it up! you can never get a complete type set, but come as close as you can.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

nice collection


Level 4

Nice Job CM - That going to be a lot of work - but worth it - So far so good !!


Level 7

Wow you have been busy! Those are great coins can't wait to see some of them! Great work! Mike

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