New Morgan Dollar!

07 Apr 2015

For holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Resurrection Sunday, along with several birthdays, our Grandparents send us packages, and there is a little something for each and every one of us, and often they'll send me a coin. For my last birthday, they gave me a 1902 AU-50 Morgan Dollar, and it was a pleasant surprise.

Just yesterday, as I was taking out the trash with my brother, he checked the mail, and a big package in his face startled him! We immediately knew who it was from, and I shouted it up to the house (Everyone was enjoying the outdoors on a warm, 70 degree evening). I hauled my brother and the package--and the mail, and then when we put the wagon away, we all ran inside. I pulled out my bag, but didn't feel anything round. I shook the bag upside-down, and out popped an Eisenhower dollar, no, No, NO! A Morgan Dollar! It is an 1886 in XF-40 condition. It has some interesting black toning on the reverse.



Level 5

Fantastic surprise present. My grandfather saved change for me. Always enjoyed searching the change. Nice Morgan.


Level 5

As far as the reverse goes, there is some pretty good details present


Level 5

Awesome coin!


Level 6

A beautiful Morgan dollar! Nice present.

WOW! I've never seen a coin with black toning. The only coins my grandparents send me are replicas. Thanks for sharing.


Level 6

It looks great. The Big question is "How do you like It?" Unless you are trying to sell it, it doesn't matter what any body else thinks. Plus your Grandparents must think it has a special place in your collections!!!! Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

How is the toning, Longstrider?


Level 6

What a great story! Grandparents are the best!!!

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