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24 Nov 2022

Indian Head Pennies

Collecting Tips | user_32028

Indian Head pennies are both scarce and affordable for the average collector in grades from Very Fineto Extra Fine except for a few dates 1877 etc. And for someone who wants to collect AU to UNC it becomesa bit more expensive but not impossible. My advice is when you are purchasing bronze Indian Pennies andyou have the choice of Red or Red/Brown sight unseen it is usually more economical to go for the R/B andalso often times the R/B will even look more attractive because often pure Red Pennies will have carbon spotsor flyspecks that might distract from its attractiveness. Even though they are more scarcer and worth more.Indian head pennies minted from 1859-1864 were copper nickel and from 1864 to 1909 were bronze. A collectorcan also collect proof issues of Indian Head Pennies too with the 'color' the same as Mint State coins.'



Level 6

Indian cents are truly American.

Long Beard

Level 5

I would certainly agree with you on the eye appeal of a red-brown over a full red. While the full red's are spectacular in their own right, the red-browns more often than not bring out the design devices much better. Especially if a little toning is thrown in. As for the series, I personally like it more than old Abe. I would pay a premium for the right specimen, without hesitation.

AC coin$

Level 6

A great coin to collect. They are sought quite often by many enthusiasts. Higher than their intrinsic value or their position within interests ranks, they do represent a stage in our Nation's history. Best regards. Never give up.


Level 6

Indian Head cents are great to collect! Enjoyed your blog! ; )


Level 6

A very good choice to collect. I think they are a great looking coin. So many civil war tokens mimic them as well. Nice, knowledgeable blog. Thanks.


Level 7

Indian CENTS are beautiful to buy . In the red very hard to get. In higher grades also hard to get. Most of them don't have liberty on them its worn down from use. Its a good set to go after. If anyone would ask me I would say put everything aside and go for it. It will take time but its a beauty of a set. Thank you for you blog and sharing your knowledge!!!!


Level 5

Good advice for sure. Indian head cents are a beautiful series to collect. I personally would collect then in AU or less grades. I don't trust buying full Red as they can always lose the full red. Or buy the less expensive in red. A nice VF to XF set would look great. Thanks for your collecting tips.

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