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12 Sep 2020

The ANA YN Auction

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_32273

Today marks my first YN auction and I thought I might try to talk about it to help new young numismatists in following years. First off I recommend you get there a few minutes early as it starts immediately at the designated time so if you show up a few minutes late chances are you already missed a lot or two. Another big thing is the amount of yn dollars spent do not feel discouraged if there is somebody who is winning most of them you always have grab bags which go for a pretty low price. I saw the amount of yn dollars some people had and felt discouraged because of how little I had but I still walked with a great prize I recommend making blog posts like these twice a week as if you make the two blog posts a week every week for a year you make 2800 yn dollars without leaving the couch! I recommend setting up a game plan especially writing down max bids like for instance lot one bu 1909 wheat cent: 200 dollars Doing this helps to eliminate the chances of going over budget or paying for something you do not want just because you acted in the moment. Make sure you don;t make any plans at the auction can last 5 or 6 hours easily. Make sure to consider saving yn dollars for next year as 500 yn dollars wont get you a fraction of the winning bid on more expensive coins. I highly recommend you print out bidding increments and also a list of which coins you want also several reference books ie. the red book, the blue book, cherry pickers guide etc. and if you do not own those books several apps are available to my favorite being the pcgs coin facts app. I also want you guys to try and stay positive even if you aren't winning as the auction is meant to teach us about auctions with real money and also keep kids interested in the hobby. The ANA video is also ten seconds behind by the time auction end message is up they already closed the lot so don't get mad if it looks like you got the bid in before the end they do not play favorites. Hopefully this helped some of you guys out there and hopefully you guys enjoy the auction and get to take something home for yourself remember that in the end that there is always next year to it's your first year you will be able to get tons more yn dollars in the future and might even be able to win the gold piece they have ever year!



Level 5

Great advice that should be handed out to YN every year. Knowing the rules is very important. Every YN should be reminded of the rules and how YN dollars can be earned, so there is no misunderstanding come auction time. Sounds like the Auction was a great hit overall.


Level 7

Good advice.. Yolo Bagels I herd your name also. . It's fun like a regular auction. To give you some idea on what it might be like. Those who violated the two blogs a week paid the price. The rules are there so everyone has a fair shot. Thanks glad you enjoyed it.


Level 3

How do you post on the YN blog? I can only post on the normal one.


Level 7

You can post a blog on this site . Or ask a question on the fourum.


Level 6

YN auction are fun take part in, or observe.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Good observations and advice. I talk to a yn and I will steer him to this blog to read


Level 4

It was my first auction as well! I loved participating, and I can’t wait until next year!

Yeah, going to shows, summer seminar, and visiting other numismatic places are a food way to go too. Hopefully a lot more people will be writing in the future.


Level 4

Blogs are in my experience the best way to get YN$. You can make two every week and they can be fun to make and at $25 each you can get quite a bit of YN$ from it. Just remember that posts must be 400+ words to count. Anyways the YN auction is fun, you never truly know what you're gonna get and a years work of ANA activity really pays off. I hope to see you posting more here, thanks for sharing.

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