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18 Jul 2022

Numismatic education and exhibits at local coin club shows.

| user_33663

I just became the acting President of the Illinois Numismatic Assn and we decided not to have our annual convention/show in September for lack of a bourse chair and profitable venue. We do have a location reserved for 2023, but what else can ILNA do in 2022, if we do not have a convention?Well, we decided to purchase tables at other club's shows and provide education and exhibits at those local coin club shows. So this Sunday I will be in Springfield, IL at their 70 table show, and next Sunday I will be in Crystal Lake, IL and then I will be at the Greater Chicago show in Tinley Park, IL Sept 30-Oct 2, then in Elgin, IL on October 30, and back in Springfield in November.It's really easy to get into local coin shows with an education table, you just pay the $70 table fee and order an ANA show kit, plus a few other educational items and giveaway items. We can also recruit the show patrons and dealers to be part of the ILNA programs we run, like the Associates program.So question for the group. Does your state organization have a table at your local coin shows? Is it a membership table, an education table, or does it provide program information and recruitment?Share with us what kind out outreach and education you have at your local coin show!

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