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11 Nov 2021

Coin Collecting Class

Coin Shows | user_33663

Hey there!Any other ANA members offering coin collecting classes to their community?I've been doing it for 4 years and it's been OK, but now I started offering the class on Zoom, and I am getting more interest.I usually set up education tables at coin shows around Chicago area, and give out flyers advertising the coin collecting class. We also do some networking with local schools and libraries.
Anyway, reach out to me if you are a numismatic educator and do any events or classes in your community.
John Kent773-259-0838


AC coin$

Level 6

Beautiful coins collection , Good set , god bless you .


Level 6

The Boys Scouts coin collecting would make a good starting for ideas for a class


Level 6

Thanks for your work.


Level 5

Your really involved in numismatics. Chicago is a nice area for coin shows.

Thanks for that picture! Now I know what R, RB and B look like.


Level 6

Sounds interesting! Keep up your good work! Beautiful cent collection! ; )


Level 7

The A.N.A. is an educational comunity. There is No solicitation .Kindly read the disclamer. It provides classes and teaches kids about coins. Thanks anyway.

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