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05 Apr 2021

Herod I Prutah

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Hello! I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I know they weren't that good before, so I am going to write one where you guys can learn something!Ok, so a few months ago, I got this coin on an auction on ebay. It is a Herod the 1st prutah which was made from 40-4 BCE. I bought this coin because I love ancient coins and it was made around the time of Jesus's birth, which I found fascinating! So I decided to do my own research to reveal all the really cool info about this coin.First off, this coin is made during the reign of Herod the Great. Herod the Great was a very well known king of Judea and was born in 72 BCE. He was famous for ordering huge building projects and constructions. He even renovated the second temple in Jerusalem. You might be thinking Herod seemed like a really nice guy, and a great king. But not everything ancient text tells that story. According to the book of Matthew in the bible it talks about how Herod ordered all babies to be killed! Though there is no proven evidence of this, it still is a terrible thing to happen.We also must learn about what a prutah even is! A prutah is a small denomination coin that was made of copper. These coins were definitely not very desirable back then, because you needed 10 of them to buy a single loaf of bread.Ok, time to talk about the coin. On the obverse of the coin, there is an anchor as well as writing. The prutah contains the letters HPW BACIΛ. Which means King Herod. On the reverse of the coin, there is a double cornucopia, with a caduceus between it. The coin is pretty off center because back them they used to use a hammer to print each coin. The would slam the hammer on the metal, and create the imprint of the coin. I have no clue how much this coin is worth, but I know I paid 7 bucks for it! Which at least, seemed like a good deal. If anybody has anymore info or knowledge of how much the coin is worth, please post a comment because I would love to learn more! Thank you soooo much for reading and I hope you learned something!

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