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29 Nov 2017

error nickel

| coin collector

I went to sebring FL and went to a couple coin stores and found this Jefforsen nickel. I bought it for 2 dollars.



Level 5

Great deal for a great coin!


Level 4

I will buy any error coin if it is cheap like that. They are fascinating to me!


Level 6

$2.00! Can't beat that! It's definitely an error that's for sure! Good find!


Level 4

Not much of that nickel there, nice find!


Level 6

That was quite the buy!!


Level 6

Looks like a good deal to me. have you checked out the coin error sites yet?? They can, most likely give you some data. Thanks

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a great pick up


Level 7

Can't argue with a smart buy like that. I would spend two bucks. Nice pick up. Mike.


Level 5

Sounds like you got a good deal.


Level 6

That's quite a mint error! I think you got a good deal.

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