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07 Feb 2018

korean commemorative

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got this off of amazon. It was made in 1991 to commemorate the korean war


Very nice coin I hope you keep collecting Commemorative Coins! Tyler Jorgenson


Level 4

That is so awesome. My father, Sgt. Alfred Herbert Knippa served in the Korean War, (and it was a war, not a police action), from 1951-53. He was the company clerk of an engineer-aviation brigade stationed in Tae-Gue, South Korea. Dad was awesome! I have a chalenge coin from that war that I will post ASAP.


Level 6

Another nice modern commem.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very nice coin hope you enjoy and learned a little bit of history


Level 5

I always have liked that one. Although I like all of the military theme commemoratives.


Level 6

I was wrong. We were never at war with North Korea. We were part of the U.N. Police movement with forty other country's. A cease fire was declared with them and the U.N. not us there was no declaration of war. Thanks!!


Level 6

Beautiful coin! Thank you sharing it!


Level 6

Nice addition to your collection.


Level 6

I just recalled something important, especially for you Y.N.'' Technically we, the USA, are still at war with North Korea. We never signed a peace treaty!!!!


Level 3

That's wild. I never knew that. Thanks.


Level 6

Great commemorative. I feel it is an ignored war. An awful lot of people fought and died there. It wasn't like M*A*S*H. Anybody ever hear about it? Almost as bad as Vietnam. Maybe as bad!! Thanks!!


Level 7

Hi if you look at the commens in the red book you will see many were made to commemorate our soldiers. I think you will like them. Thanks Mike.

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