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28 Nov 2017

my first morgan

| coin collector

I got my first morgan. It is a 1892 O type



Level 6

That's a really pretty Morgan! If I read the comments right, you got it for an ANA Project even better!! Good work!


Level 4

Can you imagine carrying 5 or ten around in your pocket? They weight a ton!


Level 6

It is great to add something new and different to your collection.


Level 6

Good choice. Tell us something about it please!


Level 7

Great Coin the Morgan. There are many ways to collect them. You will remember your first coin for a long time enjoy it.


Level 5

Morgan Dollars are always popular. If you got it for completing a project that is even better. Congratulations.


Level 6

That's a very nice coin. Morgan dollars are always nice!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

keep up the good work

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats amazing and a very nice coin. all the letters are visible and everything has a nice outline

Congratulations! Where did you buy it? What did it cost? What grade would you give it? Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Dang, that Morgan is a beauty!

coin collector

Level 4

I got off for one of the ana projects

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