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24 May 2023

1929 American Banknote Company 10 Units Test Note

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1929, 10 Units American Banknote Company Test Note,PMG Certified 63 Choice Uncirculated Exceptional Paper Quality.Printed within the 1960's-1970's, Series 1929 note.

Robert Scot, our Nation's first Mint Engraver, created around 1795 this company originally named after his three partners: Murray, Draper, Fairman & "Co." This enterprise grew exponentially after merging several private banking and printing firms thru the following years. Around 1840 and on to the early 1900's the company produced printed security financial items for various entities and countries. Based originally in New York City, the company's main location is Fort Lee, New Jersey.
The note shown here is an example of our Nation's historical paper-money evolution and financial progress. It bears ink smears and it is considered by enthusiasts a rarity. Though many samples and variations of its kind were printed depicting color changes and images, the main purpose of this type of "specimen" note was to entice the US Government into selecting the company for bill printing business.

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