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23 Feb 2022

1944 Philippines twenty "centavos" coin

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The Philippines became a United States of America territory after the Hispanic-American War ended in 1898. The historical evolution of the Philippines Islands currency dates from early pre-Spanish domination as cowries, jade, special wood and other valuable materials were used for goods exchange within the coastal settlements and other visiting countries in the past.

The Spanish domination ruled the area for exchange in silver, gold and other metals and, the "pieces of eight" from Spain as coinage. From this era the evolution of the "Pilipinas Peso" or "piso" and its variations henceforward.

The nice item at hand is a twenty centavos silver coin from 1944 bearing a United States Eagle and Coat of Arms and, Lady Liberty with and anvil, hammer and erupting volcano. Touching the coin made me remember with deep respect and appreciation, the struggles and harsh times of the "filipinos" while invaded from1942 to 1945. I believe it was launched as a manner of gratitude towards the US liberating forces. Its design has emotional and historical meaning.

Coins from different nations which were involved in armed conflict with others or which in one way or the other suffered an invasion or were under specific armed control, should be deemed important and historically pre-eminent over standard coinage, they represent the harsch times, and resilience of the peoples who faced war events. Coins from war incidents should be evaluated at higher standards rather than their intrinsic value or appearance, just to honor historical undeniable facts and in respect of all parts involved from the various armed conflicts. I leave this in the hands of true collectors and mainly those with sensibility.

For further details about this item and others please visit my collections section.

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Level 5

Missing the details from the blurry photos, but they look simple in design. Lady Liberty can never be wrong!

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for your comments.


Level 6

I wish the pictures were clearer... More detail sure would be nice.

AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks for your comments .

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