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16 Mar 2022

1946-1950 Haiti Cinq (5) Gourdes banknote

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Being a stronghold of the French in rhe Caribbean, the Republic of Haiti has struggled to remain economically independent and buoyant regardless of the many obstacles it has faced thru several decades.

The banknote I show here is evidence of progress and determination from the Monetary Authorities of the Haitian Republic. The five "gourdes" bill was issued among other denominations in the mid fourties, specifically 1946 and was in circulation until early 1960.

It shows on the left of its obverse a woman harvesting coffee beans with an attire that could be dating late 19th century, a "5" stylized in the center depicting the note's quantity to be honored. On its obverse it shows the Coat of Arms of Haiti and the origins and denomination in French. A beautiful collectable note that evokes the importance coffee harvesting had for Haiti in the past two centuries.

In my own words.

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Level 5

I would love to have this in my collection.


Level 2

Great description! Learned a bunch!


Level 6

Well worn indeed. ; )


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