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23 Mar 2022

1968 Netherlands 1 Guilder Silver Coin

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Former Netherlands Queen Juliana born in 1909 and deceased in 2004, was the regent of the Dutch from 1948 to 1980, succeded by her daughter Beatrix who is the mother of actual King Willem Alexander. Queen Juliana was loved dearly by her people, she had to endure the unstable times after WWII and seek the prominence of the Dutch in European markets.

The "Guilder" or "Gulden" was the currency of the Netherlands since early 15th century until being replaced by the Euro in 2002. Its name in Dutch should be translated to "Florin" and it was common among the Germans and Austrians since launched.

My coin has a diverse design flaw as considered from its regular circulating metallic issue. The Queen's image is looking right instead of the originally ordered version, it also carries several details and the year of issue is parted to left and right, its rim has minted stars, anagram for "God" and other marks or lettering *z I J * o n s and other symbols with stars thus indicating Queen Juliana's sovereignty, perhaps an abreviated meaning "Juliana Queen by the Grace of God."

Its intrinsic value and equivalency is100 cents make a Florin or Guilder. The Monetary Exchange gave the NLG gram to this currency and it stood for Netherlands Guilder. The coin I present here should have never met the circulation trends because of several minting process errors, however it has become a rare addition to my collection.

In my own words.

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Level 5

Very neat coin. History in your hands.

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