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15 Mar 2023

1971 Portugal 20 Escudos Banknote

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The "Escudo" or shield was the running currency of the Republic of Portugal from 1911 to 2001, year it was substituted by the Euro.

Vasco Da Gama, Portugal's fifteenth century explorer and founder, arrived to the Western shores of India in late 1495, exactly at the named Province-State of Goa. A scenic XVI century depiction of the known market of one of the towns in this Hindu state is shown on this nice note's reverse. Its obverse brought an image of the Portuguese well known physician and scientist Garcia De Orta who moved from Lisbon to India in the early part of the sixteenth century.

Both for its historical contents and scarce numbers in the collector's markets, this 20 Escudos Ouro banknote is still desired by many enthusiasts.

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