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26 May 2023

2007 Fiji 20 FJ$ Banknote

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AC's Sec.# 55
Reserve Bank of the Fiji Islands, 20 FJ$ Note

Serial No. DH799230
PMG Certified: 64 Choice Uncirculated EPQ

Since 1965, the officialcurrency of Fiji has been the Fijian Dollar, even though it was named and used as wellin 1867 until the end of the nineteenth century. The small group of islands used to be a British overseas territory and is now self-governed but still keep sympathies towards the English Crown and traditions. They have high sustainable economic endeavors with the production of agricultural goods and exchange of products within the geographical zone.
This greatly preserved 20 FJ$ banknote bears the image of late Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse and a glimpse of the country's aspects on its reverse nicely and colorful depicted.
In my own words.

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