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25 Feb 2022

2010 Arkansas Hot Springs ATB Quarter

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Congress established Hot Springs Reservation on April 20, 1832 to preserve medicinal hot springs flowing from the southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain. Known for its 47 thermal springs, this national park is the nation's oldest, founded before Yellowstone 40 years earlier.

The quarter issued in April 2010 was the first for that year and overall the first of the US Mint ATB program.

It features on the reverse an artistic rendition of the National Park Service headquarter's Main building face view and a thermal fountain.
Arkansas became a US state on June 15, 1836.

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Level 4

Cool coin. I think it's harder to find the 2010 national park quarters for some reason.


Level 5

Part of history. A piece of America.


Level 6

Can't really see the design with that photo... Sorry...

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