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23 Feb 2022

2011 Oklahoma Chickasaw ATB Quarter

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Located near Sulphur, Oklahoma, the National Recreation Area is part of the Chickasaw Nation land.

Oklahoma became a state onNovember 16, 1907.

According to local tradition, ancient Native peoples called this place "the peaceful valley of rippling waters." They believed in the healing power of the strong-smelling mineral water, as did the later Caddos, Comanches, and Wichitas.

The magnificent recreational campgrounds and extended trails and waterways areas were originally founded on July 1, 1902 by the US Government.
This attractive "America The Beautiful Series" quarter presents a limestone bridge built in 1909 in the park permanently honoring President Lincoln's birthday centennial.

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Nice way to show what that state has to offer.

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Thanks for your comments.


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Could you please source your information. Thanks

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Thanks for your comments.

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