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31 Jan 2022

2013 US $100 Blue Strip Note

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One of the main writers of our Declaration of Independence is (as it was in earlier $100s) inmortalized in the $100 FRN launched in 2013. Benjamin Franklin, founding father of our Nation, writer, inventor, scientist, polítician and ambassador appears in the bill with a 3-D strip to his image's right. The note received already further revisions and stronger security updates since issued for the first time.

The $100 FRNs:

The bills are also commonly referred to as "Bens", "Benjamins", or "Franklins", in reference to the use ofBenjamin Franklin's portrait on the denomination, as "C-Notes", based on theRoman numeralfor 100, or as "blue faces", based on the blue tint of Benjamin Franklin's face in the bill's current design. The bill is one of two denominations printed today that does not feature apresident of the United States; the other is the$10 bill, featuringAlexander Hamilton. It is also the only denomination today to feature a building not located inWashington, D.C., that beingIndependence Halllocated inPhiladelphiaon the reverse. The time on the clock of Independence Hall on the reverse, according to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, showed approximately 4:10. It has been suggested this may refer to 4/10, or April 10, the 100th day of the year. The newer colorized notes show 10:30.

TheSeries (2009)$100 bill redesign was unveiled on April 21, 2010, and was issued to the public on *October 8, 2013. The new bill costs 12.6 cents to produce and has a blue ribbon woven into the center of the currency with "100" andLiberty Bells, alternating, that appear when the bill is tilted.

I believe the above item is a magnificent effort from the BEP in order to make counterfeit activities impossible.

AC Coin$

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In God we trust.



Level 5

Nice security features, but too slow to be added to all other denominations.


Level 6

Got to be careful with Copywrite infringement. Plenty of public photos out there.


Level 5

Very nice note. Who doesn’t like Benjamin!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I can always use a few extra Benjamins!!!! Thanks for illuminating Mr. Franklin's accomplishments. He is another founding father that has appeared on currency, circulating coins, and commemorative coins. A true American legend.


Level 6

Nice Note.


Level 7

The main writer of the Declaration of Independence was Thomas Jefferson. And a committee of others. I know John Adams helped . I can't remember the others. My bibliography college . I studied American History. I'm just adding information to your blog . No disrespect is intended. Simply adding a few things. We do it sometimes. Mine also has been added to and I accept the help. I apologize Franklin was also a contributor. All the committee did was change a few things around.


Level 4

Actually, Jefferson wrote solo in a single sitting and then it was presented and edited by the Continental Congress and very slightly ammedned. Clauses about slavery were removed, as I recall. https://www.loc.gov/exhibits/declara/ruffdrft.html. I think he had no spelling errors which I find amazing... if not god like.

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