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23 May 2023

2020-D Massachusetts $1 Coin

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On March 7, 1876 Scottish born Alexander Graham Bell officiallypatentedhis phone creation. Around 1880, over 49,000 lines were already in service. This kind of invention brought evolution to communications. Boston, Massachusetts was privileged to be among the first cities to enjoy the telephone system.

Within this shiny great Dollar coin, the rotary dial phone got immortalized for posterity. This beautiful dollar coin was minted in Denver and the one shown here is my recent acquisition from Littleton Company and evaluated 60 Uncirculated by themselves. The reverse depicting a rotary phone dial was designed by Emily Damstra and engraved by Eric D. Custer. Its Liberty Statue obverse was designed by Justin Kunz and engraved by Phoebe Hemphill. The United States Mint American Innovation Dollar Series/Program has been scheduled to run until the year 2032. Launched to give precedence to the States' best economic, social and structural features, this program coinage is sought by many enthusiasts Nationwide and Worldwide. Last year (2022) the UK's Westminster Mint released their own commemorative Alexander Graham Bell phone invention 2£ coin with a more modern push-button dial artistic depiction.

In my own words.

For further details about this item and others please visit my collections section.

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I erased what I said spelling Littleton is terrible with there grading please beware. Also in description of the product. That's why I stopped doing business with them years ago. Be careful

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