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14 Sep 2022

1922 Belgium 25 Centimes Coin

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Albert I of Belgium was crowned King in 1909 and he was sovereign until his accidental death in 1934. A man considered a National hero after he led his army in World War I at campaings on Belgian soil. He was also a political reformer and founder of charities and social welfare institutions, facts that placed the monarchy in a more people oriented trend within the boundaries of his nation.This interesting coin designed with the King's monogram on one of its sides and the simple olive sprig of the other has been considered intriguig and a well sought item because of its center hole, a feature we see in oriental coinage more often. Yet, it has been found this hole centered coin issuance is not necessarily tied to oriental nations.The beautiful coin circulated from 1910 until 1929. It was minted with inscriptions in Dutch and French languages. Mine here is the French version. Thanks for your visit and comments.

08 Sep 2022

1979, 1980 & 2000 Barbados 10 Cents Coins

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Presented in here are three samples of the Barbadian dime. One for 1979, one for 1980 and, a more recent one for 2000.

06 Sep 2022

1920 British Half Penny

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The British Pound Sterling was in use in the country from 1158 to 1970. Within the early part of the twentieth century, the Kingdom was still holding on to its expandedrealms overseas and facing a little uncertain rash modein the mainlands concerning royalty and hereditary línes.This attractive Half Penny was issued in 1920, struck with the likeness of the sovereign George V in honor of his birthday, thus it was not minted as a commemorative coin.Though there are varieties in color due to its circulation mostly, this sample I hereby present is in its shiny golden bronze appearance and texture regardlessits well circulated reliefs.

02 Sep 2022

1920 China Ten Cash (Wen) Commemorative Coin

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In January 1912 the First Chinese Republic was founded officially ending the rule of the Imperial Qing Dynasty. Imperialism in China lasted for about 2000 years, passing from one dynasty to the other. Even though the Qing Dynasty brought much industrial and financial progress to the Nation, many sectors from society were tired of the tight "glove" measures established by the Emperors and their favored ones. Militia factions from the peasant villages and many adherent communities belonguing to large populated areas armed successfully in an uprising around late 1911, a revolutionary act that overthrew the Empire mechanisms of control. It took then well over a year to stabilize the National movements and consolidate the Nation in a New Republic, such stability was reached in 1913 and onwards.

31 Aug 2022

1842 France 5 Francs Silver Coin

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King Louis-Philippe I of France, also known as the "citizen king" ruled the French from 1830 to 1848. His profile face appears on this attractive silver five Francs coin.This French sovereign tried unsuccessfully to stay on the throne in 1848 by gainibg the favors of the upper merchandizing and well-to-do class. This attempt also ruined his standing among other royal houses and principalities of that era. His title "Le Duc D'Orléans" moved him appart from all sectors of the French society within the last years of his rule.A nice silver coin in large format, this five Francs are still well sought by many collectors and historians Worldwide. Part of my beautiful international currency collection, enjoy and please comment bellow.

23 Aug 2022

1981 Mexico 5 Pesos Coin

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Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god from the Aztec and Mayan Mexican civilizations, a sun god, a life-giving god and from its huge mouth a human emerging into this realm. The god's head is depicted as seen at a sculpture in a Chichen-Itzá temple in Mexico ancient district within this coin's reverse.The coin bears also the National Coat of Arms on its obverse. Even though it circulated for a short period of time it is perhaps an eagerly sought item due to its curious representation of both sculpture and mythology.Within this decade of the 80's Mexican currency was switching in design from a political past depiction into a more cultural and folkloric tendency. Here I present a nice sample of this trend, part of my internationally extensive currency collection. Enjoy and thanks for your comments.

19 Aug 2022

1977 Jamaica 10 Cents Coin

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I have chosen to show this nice coin, and regardless of its well circulated effects, it gives me a sense of antique features.Decorated with a butterfly and a local motif of flowers on one side and the Island's Coat of Arms on the other it has a characteristic collectable attraction.The official currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar or JMD, it is also signed as $J or J$ locally. It is subdivided in 100 cents and it has certified múltiple denominations, being the ten cents sample shoen here one of them. The JMD was officially introduced in 1969, before then, the Sterling Pound was the known currency of the island.In 1994 the Jamaican Ministries launched a reform redesigning all currency and turning the 5$J into a coin with several other adjustments as economy changes demanded fair actions.Enjoy this nice Jamaican Ten Cents coin as part of my Caribbean and International extensive collection. Thanks for your comnents.

16 Aug 2022

2002 Barbados 5 Cents Coin

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The island-nation of Barbados is about to celebrate one full year of independency from the British crown. The island became a sovereign state on November 30th, 2021.This shiny five cents coin brings us the National Coat of Arms (2002) and, a beautiful depiction of the South Point Lighthouse which is still under operation and have remained as a tourist hotspot for many years now.The depiction if the lighthouse in this coin could be taken as an announcement of the island's shiny freedom 19 years later.The BBD or Barbadian Dollar remains as the island's currency. The authorities, formerly under British scrutiny are now designing and moving the currency into a more modern and locally inspired versión. Regardless of their separación, Barbadian government keeps a friendly cooperation with British Overseas authorities.Enjoy this beautiful coin as part of my international monetary acquisitions and expansive collection.

12 Aug 2022

1993 Brazil 10 Cruzeiros Reais Coin

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The "Cruzeiros Reais" (CR$) circulated as currency for Brazil within 1993-1994. This nice coin is part of a large list of coinage issued by the Republic since early twentieth century.Within the 1990's Brazil had reached a consolidated economy with a variety of local agricultural exportations, as well as a strong metallurgic industrial, including the manufacturing of cars like Volkswagen and others as a South American associate to large corporations.Music, TV productions and cultural exchange became highly important in the years 1993 thru the end of the century.Here is an example of wildlife depiction on a coin, this ten Cruzeiros Reais brings us the figure of a local "anteater" named by native Brazilians the "tamandua" which is also known to exist in other Latin American nearby countries.An attractive coin yet simple in design but part of an important monetary historical evolution for Brazil. Enjoy this coin as part of my ongoing international collection.


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