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18 Jun 2014

How I started collecting coins

| Gerald Holt

I have recently become permanently disabled from a failed back surgery. When I first started staying at home I discovered the joy of collecting coins. I found some older coins in change that I was saving to roll (as a means of saving money). I did some research on the Internet and found that the coins that I had discovered were worth probably a couple of dollars apiece. They were what I found to be doubled die. This is when - my love of learning kicked in - I started collecting coins.



Level 3

This is great, very great.


Level 7

Sir you and I have basically the same story different injury. If not for my neurosurgeons I would have never got into this great hobby! They said to slow dimentia get a hobby not an easy one keep the brain busy. Thank God I picked the right one. I will keep you in my prayers and keep up the work!mike


Level 5



Level 5

Sorry for the circumstance, but welcome to the hobby!


Level 5

Sorry to hear that is how you had to start coin collecting but keep up in the hobby and watch your collection grow!!!

Ian Fenn

Level 5

Great find not a great way to start collecting coins though....any up date on your back problem?


Level 4

That's great that you have found a hobby that has become so meaningful to you . I share your enthusiasm. I also have enhanced my enjoyment in reading about the coins, both in books and periodicals. I find that combining my interest in numismatics with history and even biography makes it all more pleasurable.

Dollar Guy

Level 5

I belong to two different coin clubs and both clubs have disabled/handicapped individuals and to be honest I think they are better informed and more interested in the hobby than the fully capable individuals. they seem to appreciate the hobby with a greater enthusiasm. My hat is tipped to you who pursue the hobby.


Level 4

Thanks for sharing if you ever want to know some things on foreign coins check my blog.


Level 6

Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

Great story. It is fun to make discoveries in pocket change


Level 5

Welcome to the Hobby of Kings Gerald!!


Level 4

I wish i could find things like that. follow me back please


Level 5


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