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09 Jul 2018

3 Dimensional Coinage

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This may sound odd, since all coins are three dimensional, but not in the same way these coins from Somalia are. Imagine sitting down on a lovely pyramid shaped coin, and have it really dig into your leg. Or, even worse, to drop a spherical coin on a hill, and watch it roll down into a creek, never to be seen again. An odd step in coinage future comes the 3-D Somali coinage. Minted in 2008, and then again in 2014, these coins commemorate geometric shapes, and give honor to them. These geometric shapes are all in the denomination of 1 shilling, and are sliver plated with a cupro-nickel interior. Somali is already known for its oddly shaped coinage( and pirates), and this just adds to the numismatic history of Somali. I would not have thought of commemorating shapes, or making very inefficient ways to create currency. You could probably make ten of the same denomination for what they use here. Minted in the Year of Math, and embellished with the Somali coat of arms. This makes an interesting piece to any collection. These typically sell for around 40$. These oddly shaped coins come in as a cone, sphere, pyramid, and cylinder. More problems arise when thinking how to house a coin like this in a collection. What kind of holder do you need, and I doubt NGC and PCGS has slabs to fit these. Somalia has also minted coins in the shapes of animals, cars, and bikes, giving Canada a run for its money, To be honest I don't think they are that cool. I think colorized coins, and oddly shaped commemorative coins lose their numismatic value, but its based on each collector's opinion. Some other questions I have about this are how do they mint something this shaped, what kind of machine did they have to bring in? They must have just poured in the metal into the shapes, and the plated it in silver. Or a new technology may have been used. Somali has some weird coins, and is an odd country as well. Coinage fits the country. These coins are quite a curious enigma.Speaking of the Enigma, wouldn't that be a cool English commemorative piece, anniversary of Alan Turing's Enigma cipher, and the start of the computer. More on that in another blog. I can not find very much information on these coins. Even the mintages I have not found anywhere. I just saw these in a world coins book. If anyone finds more information on these coins let me know. I would love to learn more about these curious coins. Even the internet only has article with a few words about them.


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https://www.advanceloan.net/blog/25-bizarre-coins-that-are-legal-tender/ I was researching after I read this and this is a good list


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There is a book by Krause Publ, Unusual World Coins, that may cover some of these so-called "coins."


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You have to show pictures of these coins. Not all coins are three dimensional. And a bibliography on were you your information it's important to collectors if they want to follow up..

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