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06 Jan 2021

A Major Club

| Big Nub Numismatics

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting blogs on my small medal collection. I was given this medal in a grab bag from the annual YN auction a few years ago. I loved the design from the medal, but until this point, I didn't know much about the medal itself. Sorry for the pictures' rotation. I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.
This medal is made of bronze and created by the medallic Art company of New York, a prestigious medal striking company that has made plenty of beautiful medals, many of which we are very familiar with. It is 45mm and was commissioned by the Wichita Coin club to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the club's inception in 1966. The obverse shows past, and first, club president Lewis M. Raegan who was also an ANA Secretary. He was the workhorse of the organization during the late 40s putting in over 60 hours of work a week! The reverse just shows some Kansas staples including wheat, a Boeing jet, and the map of Kansas. The rest of the information I had to do some deep searching for, as nothing is widely available on this medal or coin club anymore!
This medal seems quite common, I have two, and I have seen several up for sale on eBay and other platforms. Nor is this medal worth a large sum of money. Although the donors for the ANA are extremely generous, I don' think anyone would would slip two rare medals to an unsuspecting YN. The medals on eBay are around $20. The medal weighs approximately 45.4 grams (just about 150% the weight of a Morgan) and comes in a small cream-colored box with cotton fibers to protect the medal. Being, bronze, the medal is highly reactive to any moisture. I keep mine in an old Cuban cigar box (These boxes are often made to be naturally moisture regulating to keep cigars fresh so I thought this would make a nice wooden case for all of my medals). Whoever had it the previous 50+ years also kept it in a perfect environment, as no spots can be seen at all on either of the medals.
I've seen one graded MS-68 by NGC, but NGC has no further information on this medal.
I spent the better part of three hours tracking down any information I had on this medal, weighing it myself, browsing through NNP, and past Numismatists articles, but no luck. I couldn't even find more information on the Medallic Art company. I'll be looking in the future, and I'll let everyone know what I find!


Nice work, Now I want to collect stamps, medals ,tokens and paper money


Level 6

Very cool Medal! Thanks for all your research! ; )


Level 5

Neat! Medals are fun

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That's an interesting medal!


Level 6

The donor and Sam's diabolical plan worked. You researched the heck out of it. That was the idea. haha Great blog. Lots of info included and a nice medal. Thanks.


Level 7

Hi Nub. How did I miss this? Well it's great. That's a beauty of a medal. I do think I left a message. Yes you had to do some diving in the research . The club celebrating 20 years is great. That's good you will keep us informed. Thanks for sharing. I did learn today I can't ask for more. I'm looking forward to the next ones.

It's Mokie

Level 6

MAC always did beautiful products. I understand ANS is going to publish and inventory of their output sometime in the future. That would be a fascinating pub to have in the old numis library.


Level 5

Really nice medal!


Level 7

Great blog. I love the medal. And the information was great. You did go into the research . It was very interesting. You would be surprised what some send in for the the auction. Thanks for showing the medal that with your work brought it to life . Thanks!!!!


Level 3

It's beautiful... I have started collecting the presidential medals from the US Mint. That medal is awesome.


Level 5

This is a cool Medal, and as you pointed out, very affordable on eBay. Nice blog.


Level 5

Great medal. I have started looking at medals a lot lately. I have purchased a few. The history they represent is really amazing. From the topic and why they made the medal, to who may of owned the medal. Thanks for posting. Enjoy seeing these medals, especially coin club medals.


Level 6

Looking forward to view your collection

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