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29 Dec 2020

Christmas gift!

| Big Nub Numismatics

This Christmas, I was gifted with an extraordinary present from my parents, a USB microscope. it can be little overkill, I think, with capabilities of 600x magnification, but this allows me to easily find counterfeits bills if I ever find the need. Unfortunately, my dad is a terrible person at keeping presents a secret, so I knew about this nearly two months ago. Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of these photos of some varieties I have. Pictures are of a 1938 S/S/S lincoln cent, an AU 3c pice with die clashes, a fifth issue ten cent note at the 600x max zoom, and a 1938-D/D buffalo that until this point, had thought it looked odd, but never considered it to be D/D I hope you all had an incredible Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.



Level 6

That is so cool! What a great gift! Have fun wit it ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very Cool Nub, that is something I would like to get someday.


Level 6

Nice photos.


Level 5

Great gift! I have been thinking about getting myself one of those, but for now I'll be sticking with my loupe.


Level 6

I have one as well. You have to be careful as it's easy to get into overkill. Practice.. Great present.


Level 5

Very nice! I got one too! only for my B-day back in August, so when I coin roll hunt, all I have to do is throw the coin underneath it, check it quick, and look at it more if it seems to have the error I am looking for, it not, I just have to put it back in a roll, and take it back to the bank/credit union. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine! Have a great day!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have a 40 x USB magnifier and I love it! Yours would be super ultra maxi awesome to have!


Level 5

Would love to have something like that. I would be searching coins all the time. Great gift. I may look into something lije that. Thanks for showing us.


Level 5

Very nice. I have one that I should use more than I do.


Level 7

I have been wanting something like that for a long time. .I would be checking every MS 69 they sent me.. That's a great tool for DD. I mean nothing can escape you now. If I had that I would be using it on every coin! Congratulations on a nice piece of equipment. Maybe next year I will pick one up. Thanks. Be safe be well!


Level 5

Interesting gift, probably fun to use as well, with photographic capabilities. I'm thinking magnification at some point becomes overkill. Not sure , I don't know enough about it. Nice though.

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