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28 Jun 2018

Coin Hunting

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Last week, I had a very good time. My grandfather had saved every cent he had ever received since 1998, and kept them stored in jars.He gave them to me to look through, andI spent about ten total hours going through the 50,000+ cents taking out oddities, and filling holes in my collection. Among these 50,000 memorial cents were about 800 shield cents, and about 20 wheaties. The rarest coin I found was probably the 1933 wheat cent. I did not have this coin before looking through the jars, and I was ecstatic upon finding it. Most coinage during and after the Great depression had surprisingly very low mintages. In 1929, a total of 277,140,000 cents were made. In 1930 just a bit less than 1929, but in 1931,1932, and 1933, combined, there was only 64,864,000, less than 25% of 1929. This reduced minting of wheat cents caused these issues to be hoarded, and now very hard to find, and thus expensive. The one I found was only the second I've ever seen with my own eyes. I'm very glad my grandfather did not spend it. Have you guys ever found something like this?

The Mega Red Book 2017 for mintages.



Level 6

What a cool Grandfather! What fun going through all those too! Keep searching and if you can you can buy a box of Lincoln Cents at the bank for $25.00. I've done that a few times. You can find all kinds of crazy things! Great blog. Thanks!


Level 6

Good searching! Back in the day you could find Lincolns going back to 1909.


Level 5

That's a lot of pennies to sort. Your blog reminds me of my own childhood.

That right there is one of my favorite things. Get 25 bucks in cents and get a fun time.


Level 6

Sounds like you had a good time looking through those. You sound like a future coin roll hunter. It's very fun. Go get a box of Lincoln cents from your bank. It's only $25. You will be selling most of them back so it basically free unless you get very lucky.. Thanks!


Level 7

Some years some coins were not made. The depression lasted a long time and had a direct hit on our coinage. Jobs lost no need for money no one had it. Thanks for the info againnd mintages.

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