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15 Nov 2020

Missing the "S"

| Big Nub Numismatics

Pictured is my 1909 VDB I won from the YN auction two months ago. It is a solid red uncirculated cent, and other than a small carbon spot on the reverse, it is seemingly perfect.
At the 2019 Summer Seminar, I took the Type set course taught by Frank Van Valen and David Lange (although David Lange was unable to actually make it that year because of health reasons). One topic that was brought up was if the VDB should actually be considered a type or a variety. The JS was added onto the Roosevelt dime in later years and the FS was placed on the Jefferson nickel in the following years too, but neither are considered different types. When coins are missing initials, we always consider them to be varieties, such as missing FG examples on modern half dollars and lincoln memorial cents. My personal opinion is that VDB cents are varieties, not types. I don't think the addition of initials or lack thereof should constitute an entire type. If so, that would mean 1918 cents going forward would also be a different type, and that is not the case. Let me know Your opinions, thank you in advance!


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Impressive overall collection.... I admire your dedication, hope I can learn from you a lot. THANKS


Level 5

Awesome win!


Level 5

A great looking coin. Red, Red, Red - did I say Red! Congrats.


Level 6

That's a beauty! Great win! For me, I would consider it a variety... nice blog!


Level 6

Beautiful coin. Each collector can determine what they want a type set. Myself I include it.


Level 6

I go type. Everyone has already described it nicely. Cool coin no matter what you call it. What does CONECA say??


Level 5

I agree with the Mokester on this one. Nice coin. Later!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Although a subtle distinction, I think the VDB cents should be considered a type as they were the first coins minted in the series and the VDB as placed on the coin was an integral element of the original design. It was not an attempt to right a wrong (like adding the VDB again in 1918 or adding FS to the nickel.


Level 5

I am with you there... I have always considered the VBD to be a variety. Cheers, NM

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I think you make a sound argument for your case!


Level 5

That coin is stunning. I understand that the VDB is a variety, but it is so significant that many people like to use it as a type. Anyways, thanks for the update!


Level 5

I recently got a 2020-W Weir Farm quarter with a "privy mark" on it. I'm not all that familiar with the difference between a type and a variety. I always thought that it was a variety which would also make sense to me. Thanks for the thought provoking blog Nub !


Level 7

Nice win Nub. I have the same I should write about it. There is a variety on the V.D.B. Cents. On the obverse. In that condition it's worth more that the regular V.D.B. I haven't seen that many. In also agree that it should be a variety. Thanks. Enjoyed it!


Level 5

Variety seems appropriate to me. A privy mark doesn't make a coin a new type does it? Lincoln wheat cents are a type Aren't they? Not a type expert myself, but variety seems to make sense. Great topic and discussion. Teaching me about type and varietys.

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