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29 Jan 2022


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Photos :https://imgur.com/a/DTGILhdAfter sorting through an old collection compiled in the 60s and 70s that had walked through the door, I was enamored with the old albums they were stored in. I decided I wanted to leave a similar collection. I would buy BU examples that were below my “real” set. MS-65 to MS-67 depending and store them in old Whitman penny boards, wayte Raymond albums, and Library of Coins.Library of coins albums were revolutionary in their day. They predate the Dansco albums(made in the 50s) , but feature the same, if not better, technology. They are also more stylish, having more a book appearance.Meghrig and Green Wayte Raymond books are similar, but they are more compact. They have the same slides as a LOC or Dansco, but only one side is present. These were produced during the same period. They also are known to tone the side touching the album extremely well.Wayte Raymonds are my favorite. They have an absolutely stunning design. I love these. They are far rarer than Danscos, and they are notoriously known for target toning both sides of coins present in the albums after a decade or two.
Through a dealer network, I posted a buy order for some albums, but I unfortunately forgot to put a limit on the max number I would take. Much to my surprise I received two huge boxes filled with 70 Library of coin albums, 25 Meghrig green albums, and over 100 Wayte Raymond boards and albums. They ranged from Barber dimes to US mint medals. Most were barely, if ever, used. However, I had an invoice for over $2,000! I set the ones I had wanted aside, but now I find it extremely funny that I have this many albums. I didn’t particularly have any space for them, so they are on top of anything flat in my office. It is quite the sight.So now I have quite the undertaking. Sorting and selling. They’ll eventually be gone, but now quite what I wanted to have 2 grand in at the moment.Hope you enjoyed!



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Level 6

Great story... Lots of albums... haha ; )


Level 6

Now that is funny. Probably not to you. Good luck.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Intriguing yet historically sinificant empty albums. Your plans to fill them up are underway, I guess... Loved your cat, staring at you...

Thank you, lol.

Long Beard

Level 5

Now that's an accumulation. The good thing going for you is the increasing popularity of these old boards and albums.

Yes- and it’ll be fun to fill up some of them. But after 10 1909-S VDBs it gets expensive, lol.


Level 5

Love the old commemorative albums. Those were the good old days of collecting.


Level 7

It would take some time to fill them up!!


Level 4

I couldn't afford an event like that. Facinating.

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