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20 Jun 2018

The Kennedy Penny

Coins | Big Nub Numismatics

After the assassination of president John F. Kennedy, the numismatic world lit up. A great president must be remembered on some kind of coin, like the Lincoln cent. That's exactly what they proposed, a cent coin with Kennedy on the obverse, and a tree design adapted from a 1915 commemorative quarter for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Production was underway, galvanic were made, and models were prepared, until an interesting article from Coinworld showed up from Q.David Bowers. He found that, although the most circulated denomination, the penny could not buy anything itself except a Disney peep-show, a stamp, and a gumball. He though that people wouldn't appreciate that coin as much for Kennedy as it should, so instead they made the altered design on the largest circulating denomination, the half-dollar. I personally like the design for the reverse of the kenned-penny better than the half-dollar, but it still show the likeness of one of our most beloved presidents.

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