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20 Oct 2022

Artificial Intelligence Coin Grading

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Hello everyone, I am currently a young numismatist in high school, my business class is conducting a seminar-long research paper on an Independent Business Plan, and I chose the topic of coin grading. To gauge interest, I made a google form with a few questions to see what those in the community think about it. It already has a bunch of responses, and if you fill out the form you are able to see the percent of people who answered each response (I think it's cool!)! The link is below: https://forms.gle/JNLPUjrG4vDfXQpE6



Level 4

I think this takes the human element out of coin grading, and to what some might consider, human error. Would be also remove the element of looking for better grades via “other” grading service, and the need for “CAC” certification.

Long Beard

Level 5

I'm on the fence with AI grading. Part of me dreads seeing the human aspect removed, the other desires a true unbiased view point where grading is involved. I often wonder if a coin is not wrongly graded due to emotion, looking at a truly stunning and rare specimen. Which most certainly has happened despite multiply graders involved. To which end I'm not overly concerned since grading, to me, is simply for authentication. So if computer software should remove this, I see no real danger to grading only improvement with the question of how much. More specifically, to whom would it benefit the most? The collector looking at eye appeal or investment. Finally, as Mike commented, unless the grading firms had investment or ownership of the software the technology would see very stiff resistance.


Level 6

This is great! Cool subject. Good luck on your research! Let us know any outcome. Thanks! ; )


Level 4

Very interesting concept, and insightful thinking. Probably won’t be long that everything will be automated/ digital, including coins & currency.


Level 5

Another aspect of grading for coins is grading of numismatic show displays. Shows grade the display of graded or upgraded coins.

AC coin$

Level 6

It would be interesting to have specific programming to seek and evaluate coins and other acquisitions. Still developing, I guess. Wonderful subject. Thanks. Never give up.


Level 6

Good project. Keep us informed how it goes. Thanks.


Level 3

Thank you!


Level 7

Sorry I don't leave this site. Last time it took months to straighten it out!If this has to do with a machine grading coins I say no way. Machines only do what humans put into it. We are imperfect. Your cell phone ever break? Money. It would take millions . Third Party Graders are not going to spend that kind of money. What if its grading coins and there wrong no one picks it up? Machines cannot grade a coin that's either a 67 or a 68. What grade will it give it? To many questions to much money. And machines can't think. And what about the millions and millions of coins already graded.?You going to pay to send them back and pay for it. And get a grade different than before. Those with collections going on for 30 years are not going to send there coins back. Some day but there not ready to change now. Again its only my opinion. Good work.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have been writing about this extensively. A.I. grading is going to be the state of the art in 15 years. Yep. It's a bold prediction. Imagine a world where you can image your own coin with software that has high validity and reliability. And it will be affordable to the average collector. It will revolutionize our hobby. No longer will anyone be beholden to tpgs with their high prices that you can never recoup. Now that, that will be a beautiful thing for all of us. Grading and pricing will be uniform and accurate. I feel assured that if we can use A.I. to perform surgery with robots on humans, perfecting A I. Coin grading on a 100 point scale should be a cinch.


Level 3

Thanks for your comments, critiques are useful too, it can help me think of responses to other that ask the same questions!

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