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18 Jul 2022

1972-D Eisenhower Dollar Discovery

Coins | user_39492

Hello all, I was going through my Ike Dollars over the weekend (haven't seen many post about these coins) and I thought I would share a coin I feel just might be valuable. The 1972-D Eisenhower Dollar mintage was close to 93 million so I feel it's a common coin, but what makes this coin so unique is it D/D reverse. Before I labeled this coin I studied both a regular 1972-D and then this one which I can't see otherwise besides being a D/D reverse. I noticed that the 1972 Eisenhower Dollar had a lot of different things going on that year with the 3 Types (Type 2 being more sought after), but I feel there are a lot more out there to discover. I would love to get feedback from this wonderful community to let me know if I'm right or just seeing things.

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