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11 Nov 2022

First Coin Show at Camp Jordan

Coin Shows | user_39492

Hello all, I know it's been awhile since I've been on here, but been having a lot going on lately. Today I took some me time and went to my first Coin Show in East Ridge, Tennessee and at first I felt kinda out of place so I walked around until some foreign coins caught my eye. I brought with me my American and my foreign coin books with me so I stopped at this vendor that I never will forget. His name is Robert E. Jones III (ANA LM 6231)(Bob) and he really made me feel at home. He educated me on my coins as well showed me a trick with a loonie, just kept me laughing. Before I left (I pretty much stayed at his spot) I just had to buy something from him to show my appreciation for all his time and he was just as happy as I was just to be talking about coins. Got me a a1862 Half Dime as well, thanks again Bob for making me feel so welcome in the coin community and hope to go to many more. Happy Veterans Day as well, thank you all for your service.

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