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28 Jun 2022

Penny Jar Find

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Hello everyone, earlier today I was going through my penny jar I've had since my son was about 3(he's 26 and in the Army) and ran across this unusual 1953-S Lincoln Cent. As I took my loupe out to get a closer look at it I discovered first the last "T" in Trust is covered by the rim, but it's not bent. Next after a closer look I saw a die crack from in between IN GOD going down the left side of the head stopping at the ear. Just wanted to look through coins today and get more knowledge of what I love doing now and look at this!!! I don't think it's worth anything and I wouldn't want to get rid of it anyway because I think it's a conversation piece. Gonna look more into this coin, but I thought I would share it with the community, thanks again for reading.



Level 5

PMD - but cool coin.


Level 2

Cool coin! I hope it turns out to be valuable! Best of luck!

Long Beard

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It's very enjoyable to read, or hear, from time to time about us seasoned collectors who still have the coins from so long ago. A value that can not be appreciated or understood otherwise..


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Thank you all for giving my son praise, he's a proud soldier and I'm thankful for him being in my life. I really appreciate the comment about the coin as well, it was just an unusual looking one out of the crowd and now I'm not looking over beat up coins, it's could be something special. Thanks again for reading and for all the outstanding comments.


Level 6

Great looking Cent! Cool find! Thank you to your Son for his Service! ; )


Level 4

Nice find!


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Either way, a 1953-S Wheat cent is a great find, especially in a old coin jar. If those are indeed a die crack and cud, that much more cool and significant. Thank your son for his service. God bless our armed forces.


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After a second look that cud looks more like Post Mint Damage.


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I agree. It does look like a dent and not a cud. You can tell from the edge of it that's inside the coin being higher then the other side.


Level 6

Nice coin to share. Looks from the photos to be a retained cud and die break. It may also have some delamination problems. CONECA will help you with errors. Thank your son for his service, please. Great job collecting and raising a fine young man.

AC coin$

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Proud that your son is in the Army. Glad you have come by such findings, indeed, that cent presents features sought by collectors and others in numismatics that could deal with errors or rarities. I could say, good hunt!! It is great you shared this discovery with us. A number of coins might present oddities that could be overlooked at times by even the most experts. Thanks again and if I may suggest that you create a nickname and a special avatar image of your choice. It will give your postings a new turn around. Good luck and best regards.


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Thank your son for his service to our country! That appears to be after mint damage. Its been out there 69 years its done his job. Thanks for the blog and God watch over your son!

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