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20 May 2022

Still Learning

| user_39492

Hi all,as I was going through my grandfather's coins from when he was in the Armed Forces I ran across these. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with identifying these coins. They were in a small leather pouch so I guess they were a few of his prize possessions. Thanks again for all your help.



Level 5

Not familiar with any of them. Some coins with history and a relationship.


Level 4

the app coinscope is very helpful-just take a pic of your coin and it will tell you what it is-and it's free! You should try it!! But i can tell those are some GREAT coins for a collection!!


Level 6

What a cool collection of coins your Grandfather saved! Good luck on your research! ; )


Level 4

Thanks again for everyone's help Today I was going through the Virtual Exhibits of WWI Money of the Combatants Allied Currency and found 80% of the coins I've been asking about. These virtual tours are a unique and new experience for me and I love them!!! Thanks again


Level 4

Can you give individual pictures of each coin closer up please? I think I know what some of those are.


Level 4

I'm trying to send you pics, but it won't let me, how do I go by getting them to you, thanks.

AC coin$

Level 6

Awesome group of coins. Impressive addition to your collection.


Level 6

I see Italy. They look like they are from all over. I'm sure some collectors will be able to help. There is a program that lets you take a picture of the coin and it tells you all about it. No idea what the name is. Someone will. Good luck.

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