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13 Jan 2021

My plans for 2021

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Greetings everyone! School started for me last week so I haven't had much time to write my usual weekly blogs, as well as stay up to date with what you guys are posting. Hopefully I can get my weekly article blog up on Saturday, but for now I thought I would just let you all know how things have been going.

Every year I go on and on about my New Year's Resolutions, but when the time comes I never set anything in stone. Well, this year is going to be different. I didn't get really active in the hobby until June of 2021, which is when I joined the ANA. So this is the first time I am entering a new year while being fully immersed into numismatics. And so I have already set some goals for me to focus on over 2021, and I am very excited to see what the results will look like.

I originally started by collecting just Lincoln cents, but that later expanded to Indian Head and Flying Eagle Cents. Before long I also started a US Type Set, and set registry with the NGC. I have had a whitman folder for national park quarters for over a year now, but never went much farther than the folder goes. But with a new year comes a new collection. I am not saying that I will start collecting quarters, but rather just ATB quarters. I love national parks, so building a set of ATB quarters was inevitable.

Of course a simple whitman folder wasn't enough, so a few days ago I ordered a Whitman National Park quarter album. The album I ordered had two slots for each design, one P and the other D. But that isn't how I am going to be filling the album out. The P slot will hold the buisness strike ATB quarter, but that one I have to find in circulation. I already have most of them filled out in my folder, so now I am mostly working on upgrades. The D mintmark slot will not hold a circulation strike, but a proof. That way I will have an uncirculated and proof of each ATB quarter.

Last of all, the W quarters. For the P slots in the years 2019 and 2020, I will fill in with a West point minted quarter that I found in circulation. So far I have the San Antonio Missions and River of No Return W quarters. Until I find the W for each design, I will simply use a P or D to fill in the slot.

Another goal for 2021 will simply to do a lot more coin roll hunting, if Covid allows it. I haven't been able to hunt many rolls from the bank lately, but that should change soon. Thank you for reading, and stay safe! Your fellow Numismatist, CentSearcher



Level 5

I also have a small collection of quarters CentSearcher. My step-dad loved the Bicentennials. He almost had his state quarters map completed before he passed. I completed it and one for my real dad also. Good luck and I think it's a great idea to have a plan for sure! Keep us up to date and your progress!


Level 5

Update: the album came in the mail, and I have filled it out with everything that I had at hand


Level 3

Worthy goals! Best of luck! I began in 2019, inserting S mint quarters into the albums for my grandchildren, their albums are map type, with only 1 slot per quarter. Also, I agree w/ CentSearcher, the designs are the important part to me.


Level 5

Good luck with everything, and all of your goals!


Level 6

Good luck with your goals.


Level 5

Nice, keep us up to date as you add to the set. Goals are essential, it keeps us on track. Nice blog!


Level 5

Great to have a collection plan. I just collect individual coins and don't go for the sets. I was thinking of doing a low ball set of low grades, but have not started it. Roll hunting is on my to do list list year. Give me something to do. thanks and keep us updated on your searches and collection progress.


Level 7

The best of luck. It seems you have a good idea of what you want to do. Stick with it. You will be fine.


Level 5

Cool idea, sounds like it will be a great collection when you get it finished!

I would stick to the Denver mint. It tends to have a much lower mintage than philadelphia.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

This is an easy set to collect if you get them all now. Are you going to buy or collect from circulation? I'm thinking you are mostly going to have to buy the S coins.


Level 5

The buisness strike I will collect from circulation, and the second slot will a ultra cameo proof

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wish you well with your collection. What are you going to do about the appropriate coins for the slots you put others in? Will you collect them too and if you do how will you display them?


Level 5

I will only save one circulation strike of each design, and whether I put a P or a D in the P slot doesn't concern me. The object for this collection is revolving around the different national park designs, not the mintmarks.

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