PCGS Lincoln Cent Set Registry

13 Sep 2021

I started this set in June of 2021, and recently I changed it to mainly a PCGS set, because when it comes to grading Lincoln cents they are the superior company. I also try to get most of them with Trueview imaging, because most of this set will be toned, and PCGS does a great job capturing the color. I hope you enjoy my set!




Level 4

nice coins!


Level 5

Loving that '68S! And the '40D is great also!


Level 5

I love this set! Those are some of the finest Lincoln Cents I have seen. All the best in locating other gems for your set! Gary


Level 5

That 2009-S has some beautiful toning even though it is the most recent!


Level 6

Wow! These are all beautiful! Great collection! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

I am in the same line of thought . Love pennies and its details. Catching blog,!


Level 7

Very nice xollection. I'm a cent man myself . You have some beauties there. Take care of them. After a while you will be surprised at what you have!! Keep it going


Level 5

Nice collection! I am really liking the toning on that 55-S. The 2009 is looking great also!


Level 5

Yes, I know that this is the third time for me to delete my collection on graded coins only to replace it, but I like to keep my profile organized and this was the best way for me to do it. There are two new cents that I haven't shown you yet, the 1954 and 1955. Thanks for checking them out!

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