Taler 63's Blog

28 Jul 2019

Thaler collecting

Coins-World | Taler 63

I began collecting Thalers because I wanted to have something in my collection that demanded a second look. I was done with collecting any more of the numerously available.I was tired of repetition, I was tired of shiny, I was tired of bullion , I was tired of all the hype!That is when I saw my first Thaler in a display case from 20 feet away, it was a 1581 Saxony Thaler.It had Age, It had Attitude, it advertized the patina of clout, and it had a different story to tell.That started the transformation of my collection from a single state view, to a collection of coins that offer a deeper understanding of world history.Thalers offer endless designs. And with a view of that vastness, I have chosen to fine tune my focus, and to seek out Talers without someones face on it.But there are plenty of those too !

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