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14 Dec 2019

History Returns

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History Returns

My work can consist of talking to hundreds and hundreds of people on any given week.

At some point they all will get my personal attention, because as an electrician I am gifted at fixing things.

Passing one another in the hallways day after day, year after year, has allowed me to know a great many of them, so I have no hesitation to ask them any question that pops into my head, and they all know that I am simply trying to avoid the exchange of the same old socially well practiced pleasantries that we all use as we acknowledge one another’s passing. The half crack smiles and a nod of those who don’t want to talk, as well as knee jerk responses of the “you too’ers, “

To their “Good Morning“ I respond “Good day,,,, I wish that you to have more goodness than just half a day “

( Also, I really don’t have to know what time of the day it actually is. )

And they all know to avoid my trigger of coins, because I can incessantly talk about the history they teach. So I have to be creative, and one of the recent questions that I have asked people is “Who is on a $ 20 bill ? “

I found it disheartening to realize that most of the people, honestly did not know who was on the $ 20 dollar bill, although some of them did mentioned that they heard about a proposed design change to put the face of some civil rights activist, but sadly they didn’t even know who they were referring to.

I realize that most of folks lack an understanding of history, so attempting to talk about the parallels of the so called “ Hard Times “ where Jackson attempted to gain some control over the banks, and why is it that, still after 67 years does the Kennedy assassination still needs to be kept secret.

So talking history to most of the people that I meet seems to be a pointless waste of time. Besides, It would require that they look up from their phones.

What happened to the UNITED STATES NOTES after he was killed, and how quick did the country changed back to using Federal Reserve notes? ( A private institution )

Do the math to understand who’s really in control.

Credit cards are simply a mechanism for the creation of debt, and like an apple with a razor blade inside, you will pay dearly for it.

And in a point of unadulterated irony, I want you to think about the “CAPITOL 1” credit card commercial where they ask you,” What’s in your wallet? “ ( Sound familiar? It’s coming from behind the curtain Dorothy )

My fear is that our unquestionable acceptance of debt and fiat currency will leave generations burdened with what all debt and fiat currencies have produced throughout time, and that is the inevitable system wide default. And then we can only hope that our own digital records are respected. (Histories Ouija board says Otherwise)

And so as a numismatist, my fear of cyber currency is deeply rooted in the reality that possession is 9/10 of the AWE, with Shakespeare’s Hamlet “ Do not forget, stay out of Debt, or with an old saying” do not put all of your eggs in one basket.”

But I fear that as we move into a world of theoretical cyber currency, that my grandchildren will never be able to escape its bonds of debt because of the variable rules of the banking game. Worse than that, I fear that they will have to endure the reaction of another WORLD event, as has been chronicled time and time again.

Saving for the Things

I knew more than 5 years ago that one day; I would want to buy a new motorcycle. So I began saving.

Now at 63 years old, I was financially ready to pay cash instead of playing into this debt game again.

Now, because it was a cash transaction of more than $10,000 dollars, it mandated that the IRS Form #8300 be filled out. That form requires that I provide my newly mandated real “ID” drivers license, my job title, place of employment, and SSN among other things. It does seem like a lot of requirements for cash instead of debt.

If I had chosen to finance it there would have been paperwork for sure. Things like credit scores, a bank loan etc., but strangely not the level of requirements needed when one uses cash. ( I use the term cash loosely )

I found a somewhat similar experience when I did a bank to bank overseas transfer to one of the coin auction houses that I occasionally buy from.

After all, Ink and paper, regardless of its color, is the politician’s lair.

Why didn’t you use a bank for your transaction? Where did you get the Cash?

Well actually, Currency is created out of thin air. I just held on until I had enough to exchange the paper for the motorcycle I wanted.

When the interest on your $ 10,000 savings account amounts to .23 cents a month, it should become obvious what the banks are saying.

“Your Paper isn’t worth much to the banks because “It’s paper!”.

Because I am sure that I can find a quarter in a month’s time, I knew that I could do better than keeping my allotment of “paper o plenty” with them. So I took it out of savings, opened a few CD’s that promised to pay more interest. ( Because they do not have to have it available if you want it back tomorrow ) and I also chose to use what is known as the mattress saving account. ( Not all of my eggs in one basket ) It was there when I wanted it, and I didn’t have to wait in line for whenever the bank chose to be open. ( No credit cards )

Then There’s Them Thar Triggers

1 - If you try to sell 100 ounces of silver ($ 1200) or 20 ounces of gold ($ 28,000) it will trigger a 1099

( how were you able to hold onto liquid assets )

2 – When ever you use a bank to bank transfer overseas (in my case $3000) it triggers the need for

you to prove your ID in an untold number of ways. Even though you’ve been doing

Business with the same bank for 10’s of years, where “everybody know your name.” (Cheers)

3 – And if you pay more that $10,000 dollars in cash to buy things like a motorcycle, it will trigger an

IRS form 8300

It is obvious that you can not attempt any commerce without 3rd person involvement, and I ask you to remember the American colonies under English rule and the Hessian mercenaries. But first and foremost, remember the Capital rule; thou shall do no business without that I lay a tax upon any transaction, nor shall there be any barter, else ill times are bequeathed. ( I’m trying to sound like I’m speaking old English here )

We all realize that we have to accept the situation and live within the structure of our times. Because we all understand that if you do not follow the rules, without exaggeration; hired guns will come a knocking.

I fear that there are more politicians than there are subjects to talk about, that there are more voices than there are mules to pull the load. And I fear that I will live to see my children suffer under the choke-hold of the debt handed down and placed upon them from birth.

I fear there are more heads in the sand than there are watching the road. I fear for the faceless who lives are their phones. I fear the promise of becoming a human being, because I realize that I will always be a human doing.

I fear that few have done the math,

I fear those too who carved this path

I fear awaken for the wrath

I fear the cleansing of the bath

I Fear The Lessons To Return

I Fear the History

Soon all to Learn



Level 6

I fear Mokie and Mike, welcome back, are correct. I fear that history does not seem to be taught in school any longer, at least not the history us pensioners were taught. I have stated, well a while ago, on second thought never mind what I did or didn't start. Remember, and you YN's wont, the old 60's saying? The Whole World is Watching? Couldn't be more true today. Thanks.


Level 7

Although Wall Street says we are at the highest standard of living we are on a downward spiril. To much going on we don't know about and history does repeat itself. Thank you.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I fear the reality that we are a Nation in decline.

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