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05 Aug 2019

Thalers - A Game of Knowns

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Game of Knowns

I have tried to get this article out to other coin publications but have found no takers, so I want to put this version out for others to read

Have fun.

In any good novel the writer will build their chapter's one upon the other in order to give the reader an ability to relate to the characters in the story. And just like any good spinner of yarns, the intertwining chapters of history that have been pressed into these silver pages, are where you will find that the Game of Thrones has been based in the archives of reality.

In the opening scene you see a flaming sword with an Elk and a Dragon emblem on it. Below is a 1764 Stolberg-Stolberg Taler, ( Kings Landing ) and part of its history teaches that dividing ones kingdom between more than 1 son will result in the inevitable collapse of the kingdom. A lesson etched into the DNA of some who rule the world. Another thing you can see is the grouping of 5 ( people ) on the sword, as it is also a typical theme on the obverse of many Thalers. They are there to show you how many other houses support the ruler on the front.

And with the 1741 Basil Dragon, you can see some of the mythological elements to the GOT story. In the early 1500's you will typically find 2 and 3 helmets on the obverse of these coins, and as the 1600 progressed and power consolidated, it is not uncommon to find 5 to 7 or more supporting houses. On the obverse of this 1646 Brunswick Taler you can see the 5 houses that are aligned to the king of Brunswick at the time of issue.

Next the cities and castles begin to rise with clockwork precision.

The first mechanical clock was created circa 1430.

Google Nurnberg Eggs.

Below are some cityscapes of;

1639 Augsburg 1553 Hamburg 1544 Hameln 1629 Nurnberg

In season 1 we are introduced to the Cercie and Jamie incestuous relationship.

Google the Hapsburg Jaw.

Leopold's first wife was his second cousin and also his niece, and inter breeding was how the Hapsburgs remained in power for more than 500 years.

Also mapped to the North in the opening scene is the Wall, an very effective boundary, just like the Swiss alps.

Charles Dance, cast as Tywin Lannister could not have been any better. Compare his character resemblance to this 1616 Austrian Taler of Maximilian, Grand master of the Teutonic Order.

On this 1567 taler is Frederick of Pfalz. And because of his short rule and loss at WHITE Mountain, was actually referred to as the winter king,

Here is a 1640 Sweden Christina, Minerva of the North as she was also known, so why not cast a strong young female character as the dragon queen Daenerys Targaryen? Christina became King at age 6 when her father Gustavus Adolphus died in 1632, and he was known as the lion of the North.

Lion's and Dragon's and Bears Oh My ! ( Oh wait a minuet, wrong story )

1544 Breslau - 1623 Worms - 1679 Bern

In Season 2 Ramsay Bolton and His Dogs are an easy comparison to the realities of life in 1624 Ottingen, and with Ottingen's southerly state of Rottweil, you also know the breed of the dogs we are feeding.


Is this 1667 Brunswick, ( so called ) "Wildman" Taler also an inspiration for the GOT giants?

In folklore, this "god of the wild / woodlands" should also be given a nod to by the North Western United States Bigfoot stories.

In season 5 Stannis Baratheon allows his daughter Shireen to be burnt at the stake.

We were all glad to see Stannis die.

Here is a circa 1530 Medal of the burning of Yan Hus. He was a priest who asked too many questions of the Catholic Church and Pope. See also the Hussite wars.

Remember In season 6 where Cercie and the church have it out? Let's look at other religious coins of the time and their messages.

What does this 1693 Wuerzburg Taler imply with a Bishop crosier in one hand and a sword in the other, or the 1614 2 Taler of the Teutonic Order, the military arm of the Religious Crusades.

While I'm on the subject of the separation of church and state, ( as The Double headed Eagle means church and state are one " Ottingen ") , I want to intertwine the story back to the Lannister's, who always pay their debts.

During the Reformation, Switzerland confiscated gold, silver, and Jewels ( also see Yan Hus ) to pay off the national debt.

And my favorite is this 1559 Zurich Keltchtaler. It is a term to mean Church Thieves.

Another example of Queen vs the church is told by this 1512 Swiss story of the headless bishops. In short, the kings brother died. The king then married his brothers wife. The King went to another war, and the clergy were going to report to the pope that the marriage was a 7th commandment sin. So the queen had them beheaded and buried in the courtyard. When the king returned he asked where his bishops were. Who knows ! She remained queen of the land. And s always, there is more to the story.

What about the army of the dead?

Please !!!! Google Kutna Hora and the Sedlec Ossuary.

But none of these stories of man would be possible if it wasn't for the events that preceded them.

The stories about Knights in shining armor could be told if it wasn't for the influence the Vikings.

I know that Google does multilingual translations, and often without even asking, so I want to end this brief chapter with just one word.





Level 6

This is a fantastic blog and well deserves more publication. Keep trying and good luck. I learned a lot here.


Level 7

I'm sorry I enjoyed the story but I'm I coin man and those are just beautiful. I'm glad you posted them. You have lifted my spirits with such art.thanks. Mike

I have to say that Duke Frederick (DVX FRIDE) looks more like a dwarf out of Lord of the Rings. Great article and very readable.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Great article, have you tried the Clarion, magazine of the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists. Send the article to pancoins.org and request to have it forwarded to Richard Jewell, the Clarion Editor, for his review. This publication recently one second place among all ANA club publications.

Is the seventh commandment an error of the computer or something? Because the seventh forbids theft of others goods, whereas in this case it appears the sixth would apply, as it forbids adultery. Thanks for info, though I have zero interest in game of thrones, you kept me engaged with your writing, of which I am impressed.

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