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27 Nov 2018

2018 State Park Quarters

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My dad and I are working on the Silver Washington Quarters, but I won a set of 2018S PCGSPR69DCAM State Park Quarters in the raffle at one of my clubs.  I now have managed to get nearly 50 graded Quarters just through club raffles in the past 2-3 years, including some MS70 examples. 



Level 6

How cool is that! Enjoy your collection!


Level 6

Great way to build your collection with out much cost. Plus, enjoying the coin club meetings.


Level 6

Wow!! You are having quite a streak of luck. Might consider being a river boat gambler as an adult. Just kidding. Well done...

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, very cool your club has a way of encouraging YNs. You have built a great collection.


Level 7

That's the way to do it. Stay involved and it pays off with knowledge and quarters. I also am filling the American The Beautiful quarters. I buy them slabed just the silver. When it's over i will buy the book of the dead there resonable. This way I will have the whole set. We have something in common. Good for you. Mike

You have some great luck wi those.


Level 6

That's great! Very nice collection.

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