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01 Jan 2019

Christmas Coin Club finds

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Had some great luck in the coin club raffles in December:  1936P Walking Liberty in AU, $32.00 in the 50/50 raffle, and a 1/20 oz. Gold Panda



Level 6

That's great! You have good luck! Especially gold too! ; )


Level 6

Those are great wins. Including gold!

What great wins. i do not have any clubs near by, but those are some great wins that you can not beat.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I wish our club did that, maybe because we only average 13 or 14 members per meeting. Too few to do a raffle, etc. HMMM, time to find a bigger club? Nice haul, good ending for 2018, may your 2019 be excellent as well.


Level 3

I belong to 3 clubs, so we average 25-30 members, most are older and almost all of them are dealers as well, so they are always helpful with my collection.


Level 7

Can't beat that . It's a win win. Keep going . I live were there are 250. 000 thousand people. Not one club. You guys are all lucky. Take advantage of it. The more the merrier. Have fun and share your knowledge. Thanks mike

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