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28 Dec 2019

Christmas Coin Club finds

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My Christmas Coin Club gifts for the year: 2019 Silver Eagle, 1944S Washington Quarter, 1941P Walker, 1892 Columbia Comm. 1971 and 1972 Mint sets, Lincoln cent folder, 3 Barber dimes and a 1926 S Peace Dollar (not pictured) in VF+.



Level 5

What beautiful coins... Cheers, NM


Level 6

Nice collection! Great coins. Enjoy them ; )


Level 4

Like to see the cent folder in another blog


Level 6

Christmas Coin Club? I need one of those. Good haul. Thanks.


Level 5

Nice haul!

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am impressed, that is an excellent way to end the year. Thank You for sharing.


Level 7

That's a nice haul take care of them protect them good for you..


Level 6

That is a nice Christmas Coin Club.

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