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16 Oct 2021

More Kennedy Halves

| user_45311

Got some more Kennedys for the collection at our local club's annual show. 1964-1983 is complete except for a 1970S, from 1984-2021 got about 35-40% completed



Level 6

Nice collection! ; )


Level 5

Great additions to your collection.


Level 5

Nice blog!


Level 5

Very nice coins. Keep up the good work.


Level 6

Great job. I don't collect them but they are awesome. Keep it up. Thanks.


Level 7

It is a great collection. Keep it going. The second book is up is up there and there the fifth most collected coin. I have the set and the luster is great. Very nice pickup. Thanks for the pictures!! Good luck and don't give up!!

AC coin$

Level 6

Good jod great collection


Level 6

Nice additions. Shows are a great place to acquire coins and learn about the hobby.

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